Best Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome OS

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Since its initial release in 2011, Chrome OS has evolved into a powerful operating system, providing users with a full desktop-class web browsing experience as well as a constantly-growing collection of Android apps from the Google Play Store. We’ll show you some of the best Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to master your experience, whether you’ve just purchased one or have had one for a long.

The Everything button:

The Everything button is Google’s official name for the button formerly known as the Search or Launcher key. On a Chromebook, it is placed where Caps Lock used to be, with a magnifying glass or a huge dot depending on the model.

When using an external keyboard with a Mac or Windows layout, tapping the Windows or Command keys does the same function as pressing the Everything button.

Window And Tab Shortcuts:

One of the best ways to master your Chromebook is to learn how to operate your windows and tabs. Here are some of the most useful Chromebook and Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts for tab and window control:

Open a new windowCtrl + N
Open a new tabCtrl + T
Open a file in the browserCtrl + O
Close the current tabCtrl + W
Close the current windowShift + Ctrl + W
Dock a window leftAlt + [
Dock a window rightAlt + ]
Cycle through tabs (#1-8)Ctrl + (#1-8)
Jump to next tabCtrl + Tab
Go to the previous tabShift + Ctrl + Tab
Go through windows(Press and hold) Alt + (tap) Tab
Maximize a windowAlt + =
Minimize a windowAlt + –

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Chrome web browser shortcuts:

Your Chromebook is designed around the Google Chrome web browser, and you’ll find yourself using it for the majority of tasks (unless you use Android apps or Linux programs). The keyboard shortcuts listed below can help you become more productive when browsing the web with Chrome.

Go to the previous page in your historyAlt + Left Arrow
Go to the next page in your historyAlt + Right Arrow
Open a link in a new tabCtrl + Mouse Click
Open a link in a new windowShift + Mouse Click
Open the downloads pageCtrl + J
Select address barCtrl + L
Page upAlt + Up Arrow
Page downAlt + Down Arrow
Go to top of pageCtrl + Alt + Up Arrow
Go to the bottom of the pageCtrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Zoom inCtrl + (+)
Zoom outCtrl + (-)
Reset zoomCtrl + 0 (zero)
Save as a bookmarkCtrl + D
Search the pageCtrl + F
Perform a Google searchCtrl + K or Ctrl + E
View page sourceCtrl + U
Show the developer tools panelShift + Ctrl + I
Show or hide the bookmarks barShift + Ctrl + B
Go to toolbarAlt + Shift + T
Open the history pageCtrl + H
Print pageCtrl + P
Reload pageCtrl + R

Text Editor Shortcuts:

Writing a lengthy paper can be difficult enough, but here are a few Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to help you out. These controls work in text editors like Google Docs as well as some web text boxes.

Also, keep in mind that the Everything button on your Chromebook will display either a magnifying glass or a dot icon, depending on the model.

Caps lock on/offEverything + Alt
Select everythingCtrl + A
Select the next letter/wordShift + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Select text to the end of the lineEverything + Shift + Right Arrow
Select text to the beginning of the lineEverything + Shift + Left Arrow
Select previous word or letterShift + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Move to end of next wordCtrl + Right Arrow
Go to the start of the previous wordCtrl + Left Arrow
Go to the start of the lineEverything + Left Arrow
Go to the end of the lineEverything + Right Arrow
Copy textCtrl + C
Paste textCtrl + V
Cut textCtrl + X
Go to the end of the documentEverything + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Go to the beginning of the documentEverything + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Undo actionCtrl + Z
Redo actionShift + Ctrl + Z
Switch to the next keyboard languageCtrl + Space
Switch to the previous keyboard languageShift + Ctrl + Space
Delete the previous wordCtrl + Backspace
Delete the next letterAlt + Backspace

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Accessibility And System Shortcuts:

Chrome OS includes a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to help you stay in control of your Chromebook experience. Here are the best system and accessibility shortcuts to remember while working on your computer.

Open the files appShift + Alt + M
Preview a selected fileSpacebar
Display hidden filesCtrl + .
Open status areaShift + Alt + S
Click icon 1-8 on your shelfAlt + (#1-8)
View notificationsShift + Alt + N
Magnify entire screenCtrl + Everything + M
Magnify part of the screenCtrl +Everything + D
Reset screen resolution to defaultShift + Ctrl + 0
Rotate screen 90 degreesShift + Ctrl + Rotate
Change screen resolution (increase)Shift + Ctrl + (+)
Change screen resolution (decrease)Shift + Ctrl + (-)
Turn on/off spoken feedbackCtrl + Alt + Z
Enable high contrast modeEverything + Ctrl + H
Highlight the launcherShift + Alt + L
Switch to next userCtrl + Alt + .
Switch to the previous userCtrl + Alt + ,

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