Among Us (for iOS) – Is This iOS Game Worth The Hype? (Full Review – 2024)

Among Us Game Review

Among Us was originally launched in 2018. However, it gained momentum within the gaming ecosystem during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020. This was attributable to the unanticipated surge in virtual interactions during the lockdown period. Social distancing and heightened usage of mobile devices propelled the game to new heights. People started looking for novel ways to interact with friends and one of those ways included deceiving teammates on spaceships. Though there are a plethora of online and offline games to choose from, Among Us rightfully occupies a special place in the hearts of avid gamers.

Among Us can be hailed as one of the best iPhone games and offers an amazing multiplayer experience and can be enjoyed online as well as offline. It has been felicitated with the prestigious Editors’ Choice award for iPhone games and is a must try for those on the lookout for the perfect blend of teamwork and betrayal in a game.

The game facilitates crossplay and permits online as well as in-person games, wherein everyone connects to the same local network. This gives players the freedom to choose their own desired platform and compete with each other irrespective of it. It hosts a large player base with matches wrapping up in under 15 minutes. This makes finding and joining a new game seem like cakewalk. 


  • Free on mobile devices
  • Super entertaining
  • Crossplay with PC
  • Lots of customisation options available


  • Lack of built-in voice chat
  • Technical glitches might occur occasionally

The game is set within the confines of an isolated spaceship and asks up to 10 players to work in harmony with the collective objective of staying alive. Among these is one ‘imposter’ who obviously orchestrates the demise of others aboard. Every crew member is endowed with the responsibility of fulfilling the tasks assigned to them in addition to keeping an eye out for the imposter. The ultimate aim is to identify the culprit.

The goal, for the imposter, on the contrary is to skillfully and discretely eliminate crew members and avoid getting caught in the process. Their aim is to not seem suspicious so as to steer clear of votes from team members that can throw you off the ship, into the abyss. Different players are assigned with different roles and tasks in a random manner. Purposefully disconnecting from the game in a bid to get the desired role can result in temporary lockout from the game for sometime.

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The concept of Among Us may seem familiar at first glance, however, the execution is undoubtedly unique. It ensures that the gameplay surrounding each murder is super engaging allowing voters to assess all the possibilities instead of merely voting for others. Tasks like repairing the spaceship draw close resemblance to Spaceteam’s sci-fi charm while incorporating an extra layer of engaging work. 

Imposters, on the other hand, are equipped with sufficient tools to carry out their vicious tasks stealthily. It necessitates memorising the map of rooms and hallways so as to navigate through them without getting caught and while simultaneously eliminating other members  of the crew. 

The first question after a kill is majorly “Where did it happen?” give the most important clue of the location of the murder. Therefore, it is very important for the imposter tio have a strong location-based alibi to evade getting voted out.

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Imposters have other advantages like the ability to disrupt equipment which compels others to spend time on repairs and pretend doing tasks which haven’t been assigned to them and utilise vents to escape or hide in them so that they don’t get caught standing next to a corpse by other crewmates.

However, an imposter’s skill is actually put to test when he/she needs to lie, deny and blame others when they get called out. Emergency meetings can be conducted even before the dead bodies get reported. The imposter, hence, is always required to play innocent to avoid getting voted out.

You can create your own public and private rooms in this multiplayer game. You can also customise settings like imposter count, task quantity, duration of the task and movement speed of the player. In addition to this, there is also an option to practise offline with computer-controlled characters. This allows players to get acclimated to maps, learn tasks and hone in on their imposter skills.

The downside of the game is the absence of a built-in voice chat system. Though it is not absolutely essential, a voice chat system would take the gaming experience in Among Us to the next level.  

Typing in the chat is possible to execute the tasks given and play the game, but it tends to miss out on vital emotions and nuances of the game. Using a Discord server might cater to this issue to a great extent.

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