10 Best VR Players for Windows For Immersive Entertainment

Best VR Players for Windows
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Most PCs come equipped with a basic video player, ready to serve your multimedia needs. However, when it comes to the intricate world of file formats, Windows 10/11’s built-in players might leave you wanting more. They handle only a handful of formats, often causing a frustrating roadblock in your quest to access diverse files seamlessly. This is when some third-party softwares comes in handy. Downloading these external media players fixes compatibility issues and adds capabilities like screencasting, improved organizing, and improved video quality, making it simpler to watch videos without interruptions. It is about time you enrich your video watching experience with these best VR players for Windows.

10 VR Video Player for PC to Elevate Your Experience

Exploring the top 10 VR video player options for PC opens up immersive virtual reality experiences, enhancing video playback with advanced features and compatibility. These players offer diverse functionalities, catering to varied preferences in the virtual world. Let’s discuss some such VR players below:


Virtual Desktop

See your virtual reality headset as a magical window. It displays your computer screen as though it were enormous and hovering directly in front of you rather than the actual world. It isn’t limited to film. Anything you do on a computer, whether it is playing games, browsing websites, or working, you can do it all in virtual reality (VR) using Virtual Desktop. It’s similar to carrying an enormous, portable computer screen!

Furthermore, you are not limited to a single type of VR headset because this VR player for Windows is compatible with numerous models. You can do much more with Virtual Desktop than just watch movies. These devices enhance your overall VR experience. They will make you feel like you have a completely new computer world inside your VR headset.


  • Provide an extremely secure interface.
  • Enable data management and access from any location.
  • Assist you in remotely controlling the device infrastructure.


  • Beneficial only to those with training and expertise
  • User experience is impacted by driver instability for some programs, such as scanning and printing, and by the use of resource-intensive software.

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Live View Rift

One of the best VR player for Windows users, LiveViewRift, offers easy access to various media storage choices. This player is designed especially for Oculus Rift VR video viewing, guaranteeing a fully immersive experience.

Its noteworthy features are strong distortion and vision correction capabilities that improve overall visual quality. To further enhance its functionality, LiveViewRift also lets users explore and view images and videos online in virtual reality. The intuitive UI makes it easier for those who enjoy virtual reality to alter the view-pitch and FOV (Field of View) settings.


  • Enable smooth MJPEG streaming via HTTP
  • Display a combination of cinematic and panoramic images
  • Facilitate the playback of full-length movies


  • Occasional crashes
  • Specifically designed for playing VR videos with a VR headset
  • The program may be outdated.


BigScreen allows you to envision a virtual environment where you can do more than just view VR content. It’s a platform for gaming and socializing, not just a video player. Imagine spending time with friends and family virtually while playing games or watching movies.

The best part is that you can even mirror your desktop screen on the headset, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities. The finest aspect is that you can personalize and enhance your experience to your liking. BigScreen might, therefore, be your go-to virtual hangout for networking and entertainment in the VR world if you’re searching for anything more than just a video player.


  • Compatible with VIVE, Valve Index, Oculus, and other devices.
  • Enables free collaboration in virtual reality.
  • Easy integration with the Discord app.


  • Limited support for a variety of 3D videos.
  • The interface lacks attractiveness.
  • Performance may be slow compared to other options.


SKYBOX resembles a superhero who plays video games. It automatically recognizes the type of VR video you are seeing, be it a standard flat movie, a 180° half-sphere, or a complete 360° experience. After that, it makes all the necessary adjustments to provide you with the smoothest, most engaging watching experience. Furthermore, it is compatible with exceptionally high-quality 4K films, which enhance the realism and sharpness of everything.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry about buttons or menus that are perplexing! SKYBOX boasts an extremely user-friendly UI that is accessible to anyone. Simply select your film, plug in your headphones, and prepare to be astounded. Thus, it is unquestionably a top option if you’re searching for a VR video player that is both strong and easy to use.


  • Free-to-use VR player with no cost involved.
  • Supports nearly all stereo modes for versatile viewing.
  • Allows streaming of VR videos on the same network.


  • Playback may be slow and choppy.
  • It’s not ideal for playing larger VR video files.
  • Users may experience USB device disconnection issues.

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Magix stands out as one of the best free video editors for PCs, in addition to being one of the best VR players for Windows and mobile devices. Its capacity to provide fluid VR video playback without the need for additional technology sets it apart.

Photostory Premium is a specific Magix software that makes it simple to wirelessly transfer VR videos to a VR-X player. It also allows you to construct unique virtual settings that you can share with others. It’s a flexible tool that lets you experiment with different ways to present your material while improving your VR video experience.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Supports a wide range of videos
  • Overcomes compatibility issues
  • Versatile performance


  • Some formats may require a purchase
  • Occasional bug issues
  • Potential for crashes at times

GoPro VR Player

GoPro provides robust software for playing VR videos across a range of devices. With support for 3D stereo videos and equirectangular images, playing VR videos with 360 degrees to 4K resolutions is effortlessly achievable.

The user-friendly interface allows you to personalize default settings easily. Additionally, you can connect your headset to your iPhone or Android device for online video viewing. Enjoy a seamless and immersive VR experience with GoPro’s versatile software.


  • Offer a new, improved, and user-friendly interface
  • Work on devices like Windows, Mac, HTML5, etc.
  • Provide a 360-degree player plugin for Premier Pro.


  • Users report slow performance
  • Fail to work correctly from time to time
  • Updates often lead to crashing

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VR Player

With the VR video software VR Player, you can view your preferred films and television series in a fully immersive format. Envision an enormous movie theatre within your virtual reality headset, featuring incredibly sharp images (up to 4K quality), the capability to import subtitles for international movies, and the capacity to stream videos straight from social media or cloud storage.

No need to download a ton of stuff in advance. VR Player for Mac provides an easy and thrilling method to enjoy your favourite content in the virtual world, whether you’re a movie enthusiast, a language learner, or just someone searching for a different way to watch films. Everywhere you walk, it’s like having your private movie theatre with you.


  • View a VR video preview directly via a YouTube URL
  • Enable personalised control using a Bluetooth device
  • Facilitate video organisation through playlist creation


  • Absence of support for 360 surround audio
  • Not entirely secure software
  • Lack of video editing features

Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player shines as one of the best VR player for Windows. It provides an excellent omnidirectional or live-action video content experience on your Oculus VR headset. Its carefully designed cameras make it possible to record smooth 360-degree live footage in excellent quality.

Before entering the immersive world of VR entertainment, users can easily become accustomed to the controls thanks to the player’s provision of four sample films. The availability of inexpensive online video streaming increases its allure.


  • Offer the best quality playback services
  • Support M4V, MOV, and MP4 video format
  • Let you zoom, adjust, and pause easily


  • Provide free but limited functionalities
  • The beginners may require a tutorial
  • It may fail to work correctly

Opera VR player

Opera VR Player is a hidden gem that can be found inside your web browser and opens a world of virtual entertainment! Rather than fumbling with settings and managing downloads, you must connect to your VR headset, select a film, and voila! You find yourself right in the thick of everything right away.

Opera VR Player is a kindly giant in contrast to some other players; it instantly detects your headset and switches to VR mode without hassle. It’s even intelligent enough to distinguish between various video formats, guaranteeing you the smoothest and most exciting experience. Opera VR Player is your one-stop ticket to a thrilling virtual reality experience, accessible straight from your computer; forget cumbersome software instals.


  • Play all the videos in VR mode
  • Synchronise the stereoscopy if required
  • Keep updating the 360-degree content library


  • Require a hardware device for playback
  • Unable to provide the reading mode or list
  • Load the large files slowly at times

Simple VR

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use HD movie player or are new to VR, Simple VR is a great option. It accommodates both novices and those seeking simplicity with its visually pleasing design and uncomplicated functionality. 360- and 180-degree videos are smoothly supported by the player, and users may easily modify the controls for an entirely controlled video-watching experience. 

The total viewing experience may be improved with optional settings that let you change the height, tilt, and distance. Simple VR is an exceptional choice for hassle-free VR video consumption because it offers a simple file browser that makes navigating your selected video a breeze.


  • Offer a 3D menu for file navigation.
  • Let you pause, play, and stop the video
  • It allows you to use motion controllers and resize controls.


  • Give rise to sporadic bugs frequently
  • Provide no new features or updates
  • Some users have reported a black screen issue


Selecting the ideal VR player for Windows depends on your preferences. Whether it’s Virtual Desktop for versatility, LiveViewRift for compatibility, or SKYBOX for automatic adjustments, each of these players has its unique features. While BigScreen offers social interactions, Magix offers video editing, GoPro supports various devices, VR Player provides a theatre-like experience, and Total Cinema 360 excels in live-action content. Opera VR Player offers a hassle-free browser experience, while Simple VR caters to beginners. Consider your needs for the best fit in enhancing your virtual reality on Windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best VR player for Windows?

Virtual Desktop stands out as a top VR video player, converting your VR headset into a large virtual screen for diverse activities beyond video playback, including gaming and web browsing. Its versatility and compatibility with various VR headset models make it an immersive choice for a range of virtual experiences.

Can you use VR with Windows?

Yes, you can use VR with Windows. Windows supports various virtual reality (VR) devices, including headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Windows provides the necessary software and compatibility for many VR applications and experiences, making it a viable platform for virtual reality usage.

Is there a 360 player for VR?

Yes, dedicated 360-degree Mac VR video players for virtual reality (VR) enhance immersive viewing experiences, allowing users to enjoy content from various perspectives within a VR environment.

What is the best 360 video player for Quest 2?

Quest 2, one of the top choices for a 360 video player, is “Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player.” It offers an excellent omnidirectional video content experience, supporting smooth playback and a variety of video formats, enhancing the overall VR experience on the Oculus Quest 2.

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