McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Review
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McAfee is the most sought-after antivirus and security software to secure your devices from unwanted software intrusion. Although macOS and iOS devices have a relatively comprehensive security system, they need a VPN. Earlier this antivirus software used to permit securing every device within a single household. This feature, presently, is found only in the McAfee+ suite. However, it provides firewall protection and anti-spam features.

To install the software, you simply need to activate your registration code online. You have the option to install it directly on the device that you are using. Or else, you can send links to other devices in order to install the software on them. Also, if you wish to install it on a mobile device, you simply need to use a QR code to do the same. Upon downloading the program, you get a serial number that is different from your activation code. Ensuring saving that number, as it will be required if you wish to re-download McAfee in the future.

This feature-packed antivirus software includes a password manager called True Key and a reliable VPN . It also provides identity protection for full-fledged customer security. The upper-tier plan, though inclusive of exclusive features, is relatively budget-conscious. 


  • Effective malware detection
  • Seamless interface
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Basic plan includes VPN
  • Password manager


  • Introductory plan is expensive
  • Basic plan supports only a single device

Security Features 

McAfee provides all-round protection for your system ranging from safeguarding against cryptojacking, ransomware, and other malware to offering additional features for amping up browsing speed and securing passwords, data and other sensitive information. This is vital for a smooth and safe internet browsing experience.

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McAfee Scans

With McAfee, you can opt for quick scan or full scan in addition to opting for scanning specific files and folders for examination. The quick scan usually takes about 5-10 minutes. The detailed scan, on the contrary, takes 30 minutes on an average. 

McAfee can perform real-time scans and on–demand scans too. With real-time scanning, which is also dubbed as on-access scanning, constantly scans the files that you access while you use your computer. If the file or program that you are trying to access is infected, it will be detected with the real-time scanner. If the file is infected, you won’t be able to access it.

On-demand scanning, performs file checks when you want it to do so. You can choose a file or folder that you wish to scan and run an on-demand check instantly. You can also schedule on-demand scans to run at specific times and check specific files, drivers or folders.

Its Secure Apps feature identifies necessary security patches and informs you when an app needs to be updated. This helps circumvent cyber attacks to a great degree. It is advisable to always opt for a full scan considering that malware can be hidden in the most unexpected places and thus a thorough check is essential to locate it and safeguard your system.

One downside of McAfee scans is that they can consume a lot of time and be overwhelming for your systems. In such instances, you can opt for other virus protection softwares for Mac like Total AV, Bitdefender, etc. 

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McAfee Firewall

This software has a highly functional and advanced firewall that identifies and filters out malicious processes and restricts their access to the device. Using this firewall, you can open selective ports so a service from another device could access your system. It also allows users to block or allow certain internet connections or IP addresses. Its ‘Stealth mode’ helps hide the PC from others. Users can leverage the ‘Lockdown mode’ to disable the internet connection on the device. It also helps identify attempts that were made to connect to your device using the ‘Net Guard’ feature. 

McAfee Tracker Remover

This helps remove all the trackers and improves system security and speed. It scans your system for temporary files and cookies which can take up a lot of storage space on your device and pose a significant threat to your security as well. This feature provides you a report of the tracking cookies and junk files on your device along with the space each of them is taking up. You can choose the items you wish to discard and free up storage for optimal functioning of your system and better security.

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