10 Best Android File Managers For Easy File Management (2024)

Best Android File Managers

Are you looking for the best Android file manager? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending clutter of files on your smartphone? Are you looking for a way to access, manage, and organise your files effortlessly?

With the advancement of technology, our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. And as we continue to use our devices, the number of files we accumulate grows exponentially. From system files to application files to personal data, keeping track of it all can be a daunting task. But we have got your back!

We’ve scoured the internet and tried out countless file managers to bring you the best file manager apps on the market. From basic file navigation to advanced features, these file managers will make it easy for you to keep your files organised and easily accessible. Not only that, but file managers are also great for managing files on external storage devices, remote file systems, and the cloud. Say goodbye to cluttered files and hello to effortless file management!

10 Best File Manager Apps For Android For Easy Organisation (2024) 

From advanced features like built-in cleaning to cloud storage services, these file managers cater to the user’s specific needs and requirements while organising data. Take a look at their unique features and choose the file manager that is best suited to your goals for an efficient and streamlined experience.

1. File Manager – XFolder

Best Android File Managers- XFolder

An effective and flexible file management tool for Android devices is File Manager – XFolder. It provides all the standard functionality you might anticipate, such as file sharing, compression, transferring, deleting, and renaming. You may quickly examine and manage data on internal and external storage devices, such as SD cards, with the help of this program. 


  • Sort files how you choose and have them automatically grouped by kind 
  • Integrated safe folder for important files with a four-digit pin 
  • To make files easier to find from the app menu, add them to your favourites. 
  • To enhance efficiency, scan your smartphone and eliminate any unnecessary files, directories, APKs, and app cache. 
  • The file size is sorted using the storage analysis tool, showing duplicate files for simple removal.


  • Simple file management and navigation 
  • Integrated Safe folder for increased security 
  • Contains performance-enhancing features, including app hibernation and file scanning for unnecessary items. 
  • The storage analysis feature makes it easier to find and delete huge or redundant files. 
  • Free to download


  • Contains advertisements, but you can pay to get them removed 
  • The interface may seem a little cluttered to certain users. 
  • Some features are less potent than those of other file managers available.

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2. Solid Explorer 

Best Android File Managers- Solid Explorer

A powerful and feature-rich file manager, Solid Explorer is one of the best android file managers. Thanks to its many features and adjustable settings, you can simply manage and access all of your files and folders. The app gives you a wide range of options for organising your files and folders.


  • Your files are automatically organised into collections. 
  • You can move, delete, share, rename, archive, transfer, and more with ease. 
  • Flexible settings that let you customise the app to your own needs 
  • Folder options, themes, colour schemes, custom icons, sort modes, filters, and view options 
  • From the home page, add a new file, folder, or cloud connection to the application. 


  • Amazing feature-rich 
  • Can add plugins to extend the functionality further 
  • Flexible settings let you customise the app to your requirements. 
  • The software offers 12 different connection options, including Google Drive, SugarSync, and more.


  • Free for just 14 days 
  • You must pay a one-time fee of $5.99 to continue using it after the initial 14-day trial period. 
  • The app could be too difficult for some people to use. 
  • Some users might favour a free app substitute.

3. Files By Google

Best Android File Managers- Files By Google

“Files by Google” is a sleek and user-friendly file manager app that makes managing and organising your files a breeze. With a design consistent with other Google mobile apps, it offers a range of features to help you easily navigate and manage your files.


  • Browse” tab to view recent files, categories, collections, and storage devices
  • Move, copy, rename, add to favourites, add to safe folder, back up to Google Drive, delete, and open with other app options.
  • Nearby Share” tab to send and receive files and folders with those nearby
  • The “Clean” tab frees up space on your device by showing duplicate files, old screenshots, blurry photos, large files, and downloaded files.
  • It works in tandem with Google Photos, allowing you to delete any photos or videos that have already been backed up there from your device.


  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Wide range of features to manage and organise files
  • Nearby Share feature to easily share files with those nearby
  • Clean feature to free up space on your device


  • Some users may prefer more advanced features or customisation options.
  • The deleted files will be kept in a trash bin for 30 days before being permanently removed
  • Some users may prefer a different design that is inconsistent with other Google apps.

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4. Simple File Manager Pro

Best Android File Managers- Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager Pro is one of the best Android file managers and is an open-source file management app that offers a clean and easy-to-navigate design. For just $1.19, you can enjoy an ad-free experience while managing your files on your Android device.


  • Quick access to root files, SD cards, and USB devices
  • Ability to add new files and folders
  • Multiple options for managing selected files, including delete, rename, share, hide, copy, move, compress and more
  • Recent tab to view the 48 most recent files
  • Storage tab to view the device’s total amount of storage and free space
  • File organisation by categories and sorting options by name, size, last modified and extension
  • Settings to change the app’s theme, hide tabs, change font size and password-protect the app


  • Easy-to-use and simple design
  • Ad-free experience
  • Multiple options for managing files
  • Storage analysis feature to check the device’s storage and free space
  • Multiple sorting options
  • Password-protect feature to keep your files private


  • Cannot view files within the Simple File Manager Pro app, you need to open them with another supported app
  • A limited number of recent files viewable in the “recents” tab
  • Limited customisation options in settings
  • No cloud integration

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5. X-plore File Manager 

Best Android File Managers- X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager is among the best file manager apps for Android. It is an ad-supported file manager with a distinctive, colourful user interface and a dual-pane structure for simple file management. You may access files on distant file systems like FTP and well-known cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more using X-plore in addition to viewing and managing files on your device. 


  • Easy file copying and shifting thanks to the dual-pane layout 
  • Utilise cloud storage services and external file systems to access files 
  • Viewer for images and assistance with various archive formats 
  • Change file permissions and properties. 
  • Ad-supported with the choice to pay a higher cost to access all premium features or a smaller one-time fee to remove advertisements


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Wide range of file management options
  • Support for remote file systems and cloud storage services
  • File verification using SHA1 and MD5 hash values


  • Ad-supported, with the option to pay for ad removal
  • Some users may find the colourful UI to be too busy
  • The free version has limited features compared to the paid version

6. Total Commander 

Best Android File Managers- Total Commander

Total Commander is a feature-rich and among the best file manager apps that stand out from the rest with its innovative interface and functionality. It’s an ad-free app that offers a text editor for editing files.


  • Two side-by-side panels for easy file management
  • Swipe left on the screen to access the second panel and swipe right to go back to the first panel
  • Plugins to add additional features like FTP
  • The main page shows all viewable locations, and tapping on one takes you deeper into it
  • Select/deselect, copy/move, compress, and delete buttons at the bottom of the screen
  • Long tapping brings up numerous other options
  • The sort active panel icon allows you to sort folders and files by name, extension, size, and date/time
  • Add/Edit button with several advanced functions


  • Unique and innovative interface
  • Ad-free
  • Text editor for editing files
  • Plugins to add additional features
  • Easy file management with two side-by-side panels
  • Advanced functions like change directory, internal command, launch app, view file with app, send to app, and send shell command.


  • The interface and functionality may take some getting used to for new users
  • Some features like plugins and advanced functions may be overwhelming for basic users
  • It may not be as popular as other file managers so it could have less community support.

7. ASTRO File Manager and Cleaner

Best Android File Managers- ASTRO File Manager

Managing files on your device, SD card, and the cloud are all handled by ASTRO, an all-in-one file manager. Anyone looking for a complete file management solution will find ASTRO to be one of the best Android file managers because it allows for the addition of numerous storage sites. 


  • Similar to a PC file manager, access to all of your system files and directories. 
  • With options for filtering and sorting, it also has an advanced search tab. 
  • Specific file types can be filtered out by folders’ own search capability. 
  • Delete, copy, distribute, rename, compress, conceal, and add files to your favourites are all options. 
  • For secure file protection, create an encrypted vault to store sensitive files. 
  • Includes cleaning features to aid in deleting huge, unnecessary files and useless programmes.


  • Complete solution for file management. 
  • Options for advanced filtering and searching. 
  • Vault with encryption for safe file security. 
  • Includes clearing-up features to make room on the device.


  • A few individuals might think the interface is a little crowded. 
  • Some of the complex functions could be difficult to understand for some users. 
  • The cleaning abilities might not be as good as those of other cleaning applications.

8. Cx File Explorer

Best Android File Managers- Cx File Explorer

The Cx File Explorer is an ad-free file manager with a bright graphical interface and an extremely user-friendly design. It is one of the best file manager apps that makes managing your files easier than ever before.


  • Manage files on your mobile device and in the cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive)
  • Copy, move, rename, delete, share, compress, and open files in another app.
  • Manage the applications installed on your Android device: back up, uninstall, share, open, and view their information on Google Play.
  • Automatic organisation of files into categories for easy access under the “Library” tab
  • Various grid, list, and thumbnail view options
  • Sort files by name, size, date, and type
  • Storage analysis feature for visualising storage usage and removing unwanted apps and large files
  • Clear the cache of temporary app files to extend the life of your battery


  • Ad-free
  • Extremely user-friendly design
  • Can manage files on mobile, cloud and PC
  • Built-in features for managing apps and cleaning storage
  • Automatic organisation of files


  • Some users might find the interface too simple
  • Some advanced features are not available
  • It does not support all the cloud storage providers
  • There is no built-in text or image editor

9. Mi File Manager

Best Android File Managers- Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager, created by Xiaomi, is one of the best android file managers and a free file management app that offers a clean and user-friendly interface. With this app, you can easily access, manage, and organise all your files in one place.


  • Automatically sorts files by type
  • View and make new folders on your device
  • System files can be hidden or made visible
  • View file details, share, move, delete, copy, rename, or open with another app
  • Add folders and files to your favourites
  • The device optimisation section shows storage usage and recommends residual junk for deletion
  • View large files, videos and APK files for easy removal to free up space
  • Remote file access via LAN or FTP


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Automatically sorts files for easy organisation
  • The device optimisation feature helps free up space
  • Remote access to files via LAN or FTP


  • Ad-supported, no option to remove ads
  • Ads are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the use
  • No additional features compared to other file managers

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10. Material Files 

Best Android File Managers- Material Files

Material Files is a cutting-edge, user-friendly file management programme similar to Files from Google. It has a pure black night mode option that is a tiny bit darker than the default night mode for those who want a darker UI.


  • File storage on your device and external storage can be viewed and managed. 
  • Access to DCIM, audio, pictures, and screenshots is simple. 
  • It has features like rename, re-open with, share, and compress 
  • It helps sort folders according to their name, kind, size, and the most recent modification date.


  • Modern user interface 
  • Night mode 
  • Free and without ads 
  • Add fresh file and folder directories


  • There is no built-in photo or video viewer. 
  • You must choose an app on your smartphone to view photographs and videos. 
  • There are fewer features compared to other file managers.

Summing Up

With this, we conclude our list of 10 best file manager apps for Android. With these apps, managing files on an Android device becomes easy. You may choose an Android file manager from the given alternatives to make it simple for you to access, manage, and organise your files. 

The various choices you have are XFolder, Solid Explorer, Files by Google, and Simple File Manager Pro. Finding the file manager that best meets your needs is simple because each has a distinct collection of functions. These file managers will make it simple for you to keep your files organised and readily accessible, including both basic file navigation and complex capabilities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which one is the best File Manager for Android?

It depends on your needs and preferences for Android. Solid Explorer is renowned for tis extensive file management tools, while XFolder is noted for its slick and contemporary look.

How do I organise files on my Android phone?

You can use one of the file manager apps such as XFolder or Solid Explorer, to arrange files on you Android phone. You can use these programs to move or remove files, create new folders and examine your files by type. ou may also organise your files by name, date, or size using the built-in sorting options.

How do you find hidden files on your Android phone?

You can use a file management program like Files by Google or Simple File Manager Pro to identify hiddden files on your Androidd phone. With these programs, you can view every file on your device, even those that are hidden. You may also discover particular files quickly, usong the built-in search feature.

Which is the safest file manager for Android?

Files by Google is regarded as one of the safest amd best file manager apps for Android in terms of security. Google created this software and receives frequent updates to ensure your data are shielded from any potentital security threats.

Which app is the best to open all types of files?

One of the top apps for opening various types of files is X-plore File Manager. It is an excellent alternaative for customers who need to various types of data on their devices beacuse it supports a wide arra of file formats like documents, photos, audio files and video files too.

What is the default Android files app?

Files by Google is the name of the stock Android files application. Most Android smartphhones already have this software pre-installed, offering a straightforward user interface for managing your files. You may access files on external storage and online storage services, as well as view and organise items already on your device.

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