Best AI-Powered Chrome Extensions

AI-Powered Chrome Extensions
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Are you someone who constantly multitasks and has several tabs open on their devices all the time? Then you aren’t oblivious to the concept of app overload. Whether you are on the lookout for boosting productivity, sourcing content or minimising distractions, “browser extensions” prove invaluable in expediting tasks and streamline workflow.

With a global market share of over 65%, Chrome is one of the most sought after web browsers with approximately 2.65 billion users who use it as their default browser. This is the primary reason why Google Chrome extensions are surging in popularity, especially the ones that have built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

How To Choose An AI Chrome Extension?

Tools powered by artificial intelligence help automate the mundane tasks like summarising, proofreading content, managing repetitive tasks, and allow for efficient allocation of resources to the more important ones that necessitate human intervention. 

Choosing the right AI Chrome extension is contingent on the job role that you are fulfilling. For instance, the AI extensions for Product Managers will be different from those deployed by developers.

When choosing a Google Chrome AI-based extension, ensure that these key features are present in the same.

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) – Natural language processing is crucial for AI tools to be able to comprehend your prompts and offer the best possible responses swiftly. Tools that incorporate large language models like GPT-4 or machine learning are your best bet.
  • Pop-up chat – AI chat boxes should be accessible from any webpage whatsoever. This helps you to promptly feed in your questions/prompts, and get the desired response immediately.
  • Speed – Good Chrome extensions do not negatively impact the speed of your browser and help save time.

Best AI Chrome Extensions (2024)

These AI Chrome extensions will help you streamline your workflow seamlessly and increase overall productivity.

1. ClickUp

This free tool is great for summarising notes. If you use note taking apps for Android, then this Chrome extension is the one to beat. It helps combat app overload with its tools for brainstorming, writing, planning and templates to  boost productivity. It has web based and mobile based applications for Android and iOS alongside the CHrome extension.

This is a great tool for project managers. It helps users create tasks, add webpages to them, take and markup screenshots, attach emails from Outlook or Gmail, and keep a track of time. It simplifies the note taking process by swiftly generating summaries and identifying action items in seconds, helping you understand the crux of the matter efficiently.


  • The TL DR feature helps take meeting notes, brainstorm sessions and summarise lengthy conversations
  • Identify the items that need to be worked upon and convert them into tasks with a single click.
  • Helps you add mails, screenshots and webpages to tasks and notes.


  • The free plan does not have AI functionality. You will have to purchase the paid version.

2. Compose AI

This AI-powered Chrome extension provides real-time writing assistance. It does not offer web or mobile applications and is purely an extension. It comes with 5 key AI-based writing features – sentence rephrasing, mail reply suggestions, autocomplete, grammar corrections and vocabulary enhancements.

It augments writing productivity and quality and is great for marketers who want to create compelling content, craft high quality emails, social media posts, etc.


  • Helps draft reply to a mail based on the previous thread and few word suggestions from the user.
  • Rephrase writing for better results.
  • Compose entirely new content from scratch based on user prompts.


  • Limited features compared to a comprehensive writing tool
  • Occasional issues in cancelling the paid subscription after signing up

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3. Speak AI

This tool is excellent for converting audio into written transcripts. It is particularly helpful for students who are trying to capture notes during a lecture or a YouTube tutorial. It also works wonders for those trying to transcribe their podcasts. 

This AI-driven tool helps you capture audio from any web page. You can then feed it into the AI chatbot called “Speak Magic Prompts”, get the transcripts and comprehend the gist of the audio content. It is very useful for those who are short on time and cannot spare hours to listen to audio files.


  • Can create transcripts from any audio, whatsoever
  • AI chatbot, upon proper command, offers key points from lengthy transcripts and helps minimise the time required for comprehensive content understanding.
  • Offers graphs, chats and other insightful analytical data from the transcripts


  • If the audio files are very lengthy, then transcribing them might consume a lot of time.
  • Transcript overviews, sometimes, can be tough to comprehend.

4. Vetted AI

This AI-powered Chrome extension is a life saver for avid online shoppers. It helps buyers make informed purchase decisions by suggesting similar products and providing relevant product information. It helps save hours that are wasted in comparing products online and looking for the best deal.

This Chrome extension helps offer valuable insights on product comparisons and accelerates the decision-making process. 


  • Get summaries of trustworthy expert & user reviews
  • Compare products instantly by AI-powered recommendations
  • Find better alternatives for your budget


  • May pose potential privacy concerns
  • Lack of real-time information and limited understanding of product specifications

5. CareerFlow

This AI-powered Chrome extension helps optimise your LinkedIn profile instantly. It scores your profile based on a predetermined criteria and offers recommendations to improve it. Though the tool is free to use, the PRemium version of it comes with additional features like job tracking, cover letters, etc.


  • Personalised profile recommendations.
  • Simplifies job application tracking process.
  • Comes with other features like LinkedIn post generator, Job description summariser and LinkedIn About/Headline writer.


  • Reviewing and editing the recommendations can still consume time

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