5 Best iPhone Apps That You Won’t Regret Paying For

Best iPhone Apps That You Won’t Regret Paying For

Do you have a knack for premium music, art, design, entertainment, etc.? Well consider spending a few dollars to get the most out of these paid iPhone applications that will be worth the purchase. The mobile industry is crammed with players that are toiling away to stay atop, Apple’s App Store has consistently emerged as a key player in this competitive landscape.

Though the best things are free, there are a tonne of apps that are worth every penny. You may have the irresistible urge to fill your iPhone with free apps but if you fancy some extra features like offline access, cross-device syncing, ad-free experiences and much more, then laying out some cash might be inevitable.

5 Best iOS Apps That Are Worth The Money

These apps not only cater to your unique interests, but also improve your well-being in general.

5 Minute Journal: Self Care 

Imbibing the quality of gratitude can go a long way in improving your quality of life and help you manage your emotions in a better way. With 5 Minute Journal: Self Care, you can evolve into the best version of yourself. Its guided journaling flow and notifications along with cross-syncing device feature provides users with an unmatched journaling experience. You can journal from any place at any time and secure them with passcodes (Face ID or Touch ID protection). There are a lot of features in the free version. The paid one (starts at $4.99/ month), however, comes with features like option to add photos and videos, mood tracker, home screen widget, note taking, personalised practice with custom questions, etc.

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Streaks Workout

Does the idea of an indoor workout seem daunting to you? Then you probably haven’t yet stumbled upon this Streaks Workout app that takes the personal training game to another level. It is filled with 30 equipment-free workouts with varied durations like 6, 12, 18 or 30 minutes,  that are placed randomly within your routine. You can customise the workout to suit your age and weight making it more user-friendly. The cherry on top is that you can add music to your workout with an Apple Music subscription. The app records your workout history and the data can be synced across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The app is priced at $5.04.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Are you a sucker for good food and spend hours on the internet looking for unique mouth-watering recipes? Paprika allows you to save all of your favourite recipes in one place saving you lots of time spent on googling for them. The app, priced at $4.99 generates grocery lists from the recipes, features a meal planner and also has a cross-device syncing option. The app also allows you to customise the serving size, access one-tap timers and convert measurements. 


Love plants but suck at taking care of them? Picture This has got you covered. The app helps identify indoor and outdoor plants, set necessary reminders and diagnose issues. The premium subscription is priced at $29.99 annually. Its paid version includes excellent features like exclusive plant-care guides and advice from botanists.


Apple is one of the biggest advocates of machine learning and Photomator is a testament to the same. All you need to do is click a picture or upload one from the gallery, click on the machine learning enhance button and voila! Adjustments are made instantly and you get a perfectly revamped picture in the blink of an eye. It is a great photoshop alternative that gives your photos a professional look, seamlessly.

It is priced at $29.99 per year and $99.99 lifetime. This one-click photo editor that has been trained through machine learning on over 20 million professional photos,  saves a lot of time and is trusted by millions of users. 

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