7-Zip Review

7-Zip Review
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7-Zip is a free compression tool that permits users to extract compressed files alongside helping them to create their own in a varied range of file formats. Released in 1999, this open-source utility offers an impressive compression ratio and is completely free to use.

The 7-Zip compression tool can be deployed in two ways. The first is by using the file manager to work with compressed files by opening the main program window. The other alternative is to navigate to the context menu that offers key options to the users by right-clicking on the files.

Though the tool features an excellent interface, it might be tricky for novice users. The main toolbar of the application displays the most used features, with the additional ones listed in the menu. A flipside of the tool is that there is very little instruction provided to configure settings of the application which might be a challenge for those who aren’t tech savvy. However, the default settings suffice the requirements of majority of the users and the key options are self-explanatory.

Its context menu has a streamlined functionality allowing users to convert single or multiple files into a compressed archive by right-clicking on the menu. Users can also compress the files and then directly attach them to an email.


This versatile compression tool hosts its proprietary 7Z format, but also supports additional formats like TAR and ZIP. Besides these, it also supports a wide array of formats like DEB, CPIO, DMG, ARG, CAB and CHM for extraction. It also permits users to self-extract archives in the 7Z format.

This software offers a robust set of features like the ability to repair archives alongside seamlessly integrating with Windows. Although its compression speed might not be as good as its competitors, its compression ratio in 7Z and ZIP formats is remarkable.

7-Zip is globally available and hosts 79 languages. It comes with comprehensive features like strong AES-256 encryption and robust password-protection.

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Users are advised to check the latest development version of 7-Zip, either the beta or alpha version, prior to reporting any concerns related to the compression tool. This is because major bugs and issues are resolved in the latest updates of 7-Zip.

Additionally, if users are operating on a 64-bit Windows system, they are advised to confirm if they are using 7-Zip x 64. If any issue persists, they are advised to consult the 7-Zip help system to find a resolution to their problems. Additionally, the website features an FAQ section that answers most of the questions pertaining to the tool.

7-Zip Vs WinZip: Which Is Better?

WinZip offers Advanced WAV compression (WavPack), Advanced JPG Image File compression, Advanced MP3 Compression, Automatic selection of Best Compression Method by file type, etc. which are not available in 7-Zip. Also, WinZip emerges as the clear winner when we consider decompression formats that are supported by both the tools. 

While WinZip is limited to compatibility with Windows and macOS, 7-Zip extends its reach by being compatible not only with these platforms but also with Linux. This broader compatibility makes 7-Zip a versatile choice for users across different operating systems, providing a more inclusive compression solution.

Another advantage of 7-Zip over WinZip is that it is completely free to use.. WinZip, on the contrary, comes with an annual subscription of $29.95. 

The archival compression method deployed by WinZip generates a ZIP (30% of the original file size) or ZIPx (40% of the original file size) file based on user preferences. Also, as far as the compression speed of ZIP files is concerned, WinZip will always surpass 7-Zip andWinRAR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 7-Zip safe?

Yes, this compression tool is absolutely safe and will not harm your computer or access sensitive information. However, to ensure optimal security, ensure that you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer and keep it running at all times.

Is 7-Zio better than WinRAR?

Both the compression tools have their own set of pros and cons. However, if we consider the range of format types, then 7-Zip is the best choice since it supports a wider range of file formats whereas WinRAR can only compress into RAR and ZIP formats.

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