Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time Featuring Minecraft & Tetris: Can You Guess The Rest?

Minecraft & Tetris

Gaming fanatics, since time immemorial, have been debating about which is the best selling video game of all time. Some say it is Minecraft and some believe it is Tetris. In this number-centric gaming industry, 90s originated games like Sega and Nintendo had sent gamers into a frenzy. The contemporary era has reshaped the gaming industry and shifted the focus towards console wars and NPD reports. 

The advent of monetisation drives the growth of new success metrics like player retention, monthly active users, in-game revenue, etc. We have curated the list of the ten highest-grossing video games of all time ranging from brain teaser puzzle games, like Tetris to Overwatch.

10 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time

These video games have left no stone unturned in amassing staggering sales figures and achieving iconic statuses. Let’s take a closer look at the best selling video games and tap into the reasons behind their soaring popularity. 

10. Overwatch 

According to a Bloomberg report published in April 2022, Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch achieved a remarkable milestone of selling 50 million copies. The game gained recognition for its impeccable design, intricately crafted heroes and ongoing support for esports. Overwatch took the hero shooter genre to the next level. In October 2022, its successor Overwatch 2 was launched which pivoted around the free-to-play model. 

This transition by the Overwatch franchise was a significant move towards sequel with enhanced functionalities and a more comprehensive player strategy.

9. The Witcher 3: WildHunt 

The Witcher 3 rightfully sealed its spot in this list in May 2023 when CD Projekt Red revealed that its semi-final RPG had surpassed the 50 million mark in terms of copies sold. The overall sales of The Witched series shot up to 75 million. The development of numerous other Witcher titles are underway. This includes The Witcher 4 and a Witcher 1 remake.

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

Todd Howard from Bethesda finally broke silence on Skyrim’s sales figures in June 2023 when he revealed that the RPG has crossed the 60 million mark, in terms of units sold, ever since its initial release in 2011. He expressed his exuberance in the fact that despite the timespan of 12 years since its release, the game was still quite popular among its users and had an active player base.

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7. Red Dead Redemption 2

Released on October 26, 2018, this survival game by Rockstar sold over 61 million copies through December 2023, as per the latest financial report published by Take Two. This game is compatible with platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PC, etc. 

6. Mario Kart 8+ Deluxe

As of December 31, 2023, this Switch game sold roughly 69+ million copies, according to Nintendo. If we consider sales from the original Wii U release, the combined total crosses 69 million. It can unequivocally be hailed as the sixth best selling video games of all time. The game was originally released on May 29th, 2014 and is supported on platforms like Switch and Wii U.


The popularity of battle royale games can be accredited to PUBG. The creative director of Krafton, Dave Curd revealed that over 75 million copies of PUBG have been sold as of December 2021. The game was free to pay with effect from January 2022. PUBG has recorded over 1.3 billion downloads, as of December 2022, while grossing over $9 billion.

4. Wii Sports

Nintendo’s hero product, Wii Sports, sold over 83 million copies and can be regarded as the best-selling single-platform games of all time. Wii Sports was included with the Wii in almost all regions right from its launch, contrary to other titles on the list that were bundled with consoles. 

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar’s console/PC-only game is the best selling game of all time. Its sale crossed 195 million units as of December 2023. The aforementioned sales figure can be attributed to GTA 5’s three console generations and PC from 2013 to 2022. Besides generating billions in revenue, GTA 5 has achieved the commendable milestone of becoming the fastest and most profitable entertainment release to have amassed over $1 billion in retail sales.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft has surpassed the 300 million mark in terms of units sold as of October 2023. This figure encapsulates the sales from diverse platforms where Minecraft is available. The game was initially released in May 2009. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, Wii U, etc.

1. Tetris

Tetris bags the first place in the list of all-time best-sellers and has crossed the 520 million unit mark, as revealed by The Tetris Company. The numbers quoted above are inclusive of sales from all platforms wherein the game is available. The major chunk comes from mobile (425 million paid downloads as of 2014), as reported by the company’s MD, Henk Rogers. 

Game Boy’s success can be attributed to Tetris. Nintendo’s handheld console succeeded in selling over 35 million copies. 

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