WhatsApp Looking Forward On Making It Easier To Manage Space

WhatsApp Could Soon Make It Easier To Manage Space Taken By The App


  • WhatsApp is working on redesigning the Storage Space section of its app
  • This redesigned Storage Usage section was spotted back in June
  • WhatsApp could list individual chats in the Storage Usage along with a search button

Facebook owned messaging application WhatsApp is reportedly working on redesigning the Storage Usage section of the app with a list of options which will let a user easily organise the storage and also allow them to delete the unnecessary files that were forwarded or shared through the app.

Though the messaging application is yet to enable the new storage tool for the users, a screenshot of the same option was leaked online to give a hint on how the feature could look like. This redesigned Storage Usage section will likely to come on the messaging application WhatsApp for Android users in the days to come.

The iPhone users are likely to receive similar treatment at a later stage.

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The glimpse of this redesigned Storage Usage section, WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo shared the screenshot that shows multiple new assistances in the feature. It has a storage bar at the top which offers details about the portion of space consumed by the media files shared over the messaging application WhatsApp.

Additionally, the screenshot also shows a Suggested clean up option that lists forwarded and large files in a thumbnail view which will help the users in reviewing and deleting them to free up some space on their devices.

WhatsApp Looking Forward On Making It Easier To Manage Space

Previously, world’s leading messaging application, WhatsApp, was spotted redesigning the Storage Usage section with dedicated Large files and Forwarded files options which was leaked in June 2020. However, it seems like that since the earlier design lacked interactiveness, the messaging application could have strayed off and brought in a thumbnail view.

The screenshot also shows that other than the redesigning, the Storage Usage section of the application might retain the currently in use view of listing individual chats – arranged as per the space taken by them.

It also suggests that users can get a Search functionality which will let the users search for any particular chat from the list.

WABetaInfo reported that these new features in the Storage Usage section, as of now, are under development and have not been made available even to the beta testers.

The image shared by the website is from WhatsApp running on an Android. Having said this, it is likely that the iPhone users could get the redesigning alongside its Android counterpart. Some changes may come into place over what has been seen in the screenshot as the development is yet to be ready for a mass rollout.

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