“Uber No Cars Available”- What It Is And How To Solve This Error

“Uber No Cars Available”- What It Is And How To Solve This Error

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a cab using the Uber app while rushing to an appointment and receiving the dreaded “Uber No Cars Available” prompt. Depending on where you live, you may never have encountered this, although it happens to many people all the time.

We will discuss how to troubleshoot or work around the situation. But first, consider why you’re seeing “Uber No Cars Available” in the first place.


Why Are There No Uber’s Available?

When something like this happens, it’s reasonable to wonder why Uber is unavailable. We have all been in a position when we needed to go there quickly and were met with Uber’s “no cars available” window. This is always awful, especially if you have no other option to get where you need to go or if you need to get somewhere on time because it is time critical.

So, why aren’t there any Ubers? This error happens because no Uber drivers are signed into their app in your region or within a reasonable distance of where you are.

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What Happens if Uber Can’t Locate a Driver?

Uber can sometimes send drivers who are more than 10 minutes away from you and compensate them for their time. But they’re sometimes just too far away. It is usually not a mistake, but rather a result of a lack of drivers. If you absolutely must go somewhere, there are a few options available to you.

Let’s start by looking at how to work around the error, and then we will go over some alternatives if that doesn’t work.

Ways to Deal With the “No Cars Available” Error

If you’re in a crowded place and can’t find cars, it might be an app problem. Close the Uber app and open it again. It might take time, but it’s better than no ride. Try requesting a ride again. Often, this helps find a driver. If it doesn’t, there might be no drivers nearby, so try an alternative approach.

Try Searching for a Different Kind of Uber Ride

If you can’t find an Uber Pool, consider trying a different ride type. It might cost more to book something like an Uber Black, but it ensures you reach on time.

You don’t always need the most expensive option. Uber Blacks can be pricey for luxury you might not need. Trying Uber XL or even Uber X could help find an available driver. But, there are rules. Requesting a pet-friendly Uber without a pet can confuse the driver. If you explain to the driver, they might understand your situation.

If Uber Can’t Locate a Driver, Explore Other Transport Options

If Uber isn’t around but you really need a ride, try other options like Lyft or a traditional taxi. Even though Lyft might cost more, it’s better than nothing. If you’re not into Lyft, calling a cab might take longer and be pricier, but it will get you where you need to go.

Getting A Refund When There Are No Cabs Available

If you have tried using Uber without any cars available and received a message saying “Uber is unavailable in your area,” you know how frustrating it can be. Waiting for what seems like ages only to find the closest car is far away.

You can request a refund if Uber does not have any cars available. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open the Uber app and go to ‘Payment.’
  • Tap ‘Trip History.’
  • Select the trip needing a refund and follow the instructions.
  • Get your money back!

When Uber states there are no vehicles or drivers available, your card is typically only authorised, not charged. This authorization expires after about a week without your intervention.

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What’s the Best Solution?

If Uber is currently unavailable in your location, you can take a few steps to ensure you have access to the service. The first and most crucial step is to determine whether Uber has officially launched in your city or region. If not, you might inquire with the local government officials about it and and initiate steps after that.


You’ll realise what’s going on when you get a “Uber No Cars Available” notification. If getting a ride with Uber is proving problematic, consider one of the alternatives listed above.

If that doesn’t work, check Lyft to see if there are any drivers available. Plan your rides in advance in the future. This will lessen the likelihood of this happening and give you time to find another method of transportation if it does.