Best Ways To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On One iPhone

Best Ways To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On One iPhone

WhatsApp is unquestionably the best Android and iOS instant messaging app. The instant messaging app is regularly updated, and new features are added on a frequent basis. While the WhatsApp app is equally popular on both Android and iOS, Android users have a little advantage over iOS users due to its open-source nature.

Android users can run WhatsApp app using app cloners. Android app cloners enable users to use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Due to its rigorous security, iPhones do not officially support app cloners.

As a result, iOS users have to rely on alternative methods to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on their iPhones. So, if you’re looking for methods to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the two best ways to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on iOS. Let’s get started.

1. Use WhatsApp Business

Since the iOS WhatsApp app does not support account switching, you can take advantage of the official business-oriented version of the app to use two WhatsApp accounts on iOS. The trick is to create a WhatsApp business account with your secondary phone number.

This way, you’ll have two WhatsApp accounts running on your iPhone. However, if you use your secondary number on the WhatsApp business app, WhatsApp will classify your account as a company.

  • To begin, visit the iOS app store and look for WhatsApp Business.
  • On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp Business app and download it.
  • Once downloaded and installed, your iPhone will have two WhatsApp apps: the regular one and the business one.

    If you wish to use your secondary number on WhatsApp, you must first create a WhatsApp Business account with your secondary number.

    2. Using WhatsApp Messenger Duo

    Messenger Duo for WhatsApp is not an app cloner; rather, it is a mobile version of WhatsApp Web. So, on WhatsApp’s web version, you will log in using your secondary number. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp Messenger Duo.

    • Firstly, download and install Messenger Duo for WhatsApp on your iPhone.
    • After installing the app, open it and click to the Dual tab. This will open the WhatsApp on the web mobile app.
    • Open WhatsApp Messenger on your second device and go to Settings > Link a device. Scan the QR code that appears on the Messenger Duo for WhatsApp.

      Now, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone. To use your first number, open the normal WhatsApp app. Then, use Messenger Duo for WhatsApp to use your second account. These are the two easiest options for having two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone. You can’t have many WhatsApps open at the same time, but these methods allow for two.