Nothing Phone (1) Launch Date Revealed: Here Are 10 Things You Should Know

Nothing Phone (1) Release Date Revealed: Here's What We Are Getting


  • The Nothing Phone (1) is all set to launch worldwide, including in India, on July 12.
  • The boxy design of the Nothing Phone (1) has a form factor similar to the iPhone 12.
  • The rear panel of the Nothing Phone (1) has notification LEDs built into it.

The debut of Nothing Phone 1 is scheduled for July 12 around the globe, including in India. This is the first smartphone developed by the tech company led by the co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei, which is based in London. The company has been teasing the smartphone for a while now. Now, for the first time, a video by well-known tech YouTuber Marques Keith Brownlee, often known as MKBHD, reveals the Nothing Phone (1) is ready.

The Nothing Phone (1)’s complete design, including the front and back panels, is shown in the YouTube video. With the Nothing Phone (1), founder Pei promised to revolutionise the smartphone market and move away from the current, boring, generic design trend. With an intriguing set of notification LEDs on the back panel, the Nothing Phone (1) does indeed seem quite different, as shown in the YouTube video. The smartphone definitely has a design we haven’t seen before, as the brand promises.

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Details on the design, charging, the unique see-through rear panel, and other topics are covered in the YouTube video. Before the Nothing Phone (1) is officially released, let’s take a look at 10 things we should know about this unique smartphone.

1. The Nothing Phone (1) features a boxy design that is unique to an Android phone and has an iPhone 12-like form factor.

2. The design of the Nothing Phone (1) is among its most fascinating aspects. The Nothing Phone (1) has a transparent design, following the design strategy of the Nothing ear (1). No, that does not imply that you will be able to look inside the smartphone. Instead, the company has created a unique panel that closely resembles the device’s internals being visible. This design has undoubtedly never been used on a phone before, as the company founder claimed.

3. Notification LEDs that are synced to flash in various patterns in response to every custom sound are another interesting feature of the Nothing Phone (1)’s rear panel design.

4. At first glance, the Nothing Phone (1) appears to be quite small, much like the iPhone 12. We believe it will be comfortable to operate the phone with one hand all day long because it fits the hands so well.

5. Similar to the iPhone 12, the Nothing Phone (1) has a vertically positioned dual back camera system. A single sensor-equipped camera system with a punch hole is located in the right-hand corner of the front. The side bezels appear to be quite small. For the time being, the camera’s specs are unknown.

6. These notification LEDs will also display you the charging status, who is calling, when you receive a new notification, and more.

7. It’s interesting to note that the Nothing Phone (1) also allows you to link individual contacts with Glyph-patterned ringtones. You may also alter the pattern for one-on-one contact. You won’t need to switch on the screen every time to check the battery level because the notification LEDs will display the charging status.

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8. The video also explains how to charge the Nothing ear by using the rear panel as a wireless charging pad (1). Additionally, as soon as you place the earbud on the back panel, the notification LEDs will light up.

9. The Nothing Phone will run on Android 12 based on Nothing OS, as the company stated earlier. The company just released the beta version of the Nothing launcher, which has a minimalistic design that is somewhat reminiscent to OxygenOS and iOS.

10. The Nothing Phone (1) will be available on Flipkart whenever the smartphone is launched. 100 Nothing Phone (1) units were sold off in advance of the launch.

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