Which Are The 5 Best Ad Blockers For Safari?

Best Ad Blockers
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Are you unable to browse your favourite content because of ads placed on the landing pages of websites? Try out these best ad blockers for safari to enjoy a seamless browsing experience. You can also check out the best ad blocker extensions for chrome if you are a frequent user of that platform. These ad blockers are easy to set up and install, and will help you steer clear of any unwanted ads that you encounter. Some ads appear as “play buttons” and when the user clicks on the button, it redirects them to a website, instead of playing the video. This can hinder the whole browsing experience and impact the user’s ability to efficiently access and navigate websites, leading to frustration and potential disengagement. The market for Safari ad blockers has witnessed a staggering growth within the past 3-5 years with more and more people turning to these tools for an unobstructed browsing experience. 

Choosing the Right Ad Blocker For Safari

Here are a few things that you need to bear in mind while choosing the right ad blocker for Safari. 

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the ad blocker you choose offers a smooth integration process, is easy to set up and comes with frequent updates.
  • Personalisation: Opt for an ad blocker that offers efficient customisation features and allows you to exercise control over what you want to see. You can choose to block the things that you do not wish to see, for instance, YouTube ads or social media notifications. 
  • Blocking ability: choose an ad blocker that not only helps you block ads and trackers but also helps detect cookies, pop-ups, fake clos-ups, consent notifications, etc.
  • Cost: Although it is worth paying for an ad blocker, investing in a free one might also do your job. You simply need to check if the free version is offering sufficient blocking features and whether or not it uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

List Of The Best Ad Blockers For Safari

1. AdLock

These versatile ad blocker can instantly detect and delete ads. It offers an app and a browser extension. This paid standalone app is compatible with iOS and macOS and can function as a  free Safari browser extension. Users with a subscription can install the app on up to 5 devices. Apart from blocking all trackers and ads, this ad blocker for safari helps safeguard your device from malicious websites. Its anti-adblocker detector helps stream videos and browse selective content without disabling the ad blocker. This ad blocker comes with a money-back guarantee and starts from $1.05/month.


  • Maintains data privacy
  • Seamless browsing experience
  • Superb loading speed
  • Consumes less mobile data
  • Round-the-clock technical support


  • Prone to occasional glitches

2. Adblock Plus

This tool has an auto mechanism that helps block annoying ads and pop-ups in the blink of an eye. Besides removing videos, it also helps get rid of infographics ads in a  single click. If you are an avid Safari user, this tool can be of great use to you. It offers a great browsing speed and is safe and easy to download. It safeguards your privacy and protects your device from viruses with its anti-malware protection system. 

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  • Excellent security
  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Supports multiple platforms like Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Android


  • Occasional technical glitches


  • Excellent security
  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Supports multiple platforms like Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Android


  • Occasional technical glitches

3. Wipr

This ad blocker for Safari reduces the loading time effectively. It helps get rid of all unwanted ads including cookie pop-ups, cryptocurrency miners, GDPR notices, trackers by advertisers and more. It is available in several languages and offers a smooth browsing experience. It requires zero configuration and integrates seamlessly with Apple’s native content blocker mechanism. It works on both iOS and macOS devices. Developed by Giorgio Calderolla, this ad blocker keeps coming up with upgrades for enhanced ad blocking.


  • Data is secure when using this tool
  • Compatibility is good
  • No Configuration required
  • Supports global languages


  • Users may encounter server problems at times

4. Magic Lasso

This is an excellent ad blocker that helps avoid ads and trackers in a single click. This ad blocker deploys the native Safari API and  is trusted by over 200,000+ Apple users. It is compatible with all iOS and macOS devices. It has a default ad blocking rule and does not require setting up. Users can also choose to exempt selected websites from the purview of the ad blocker while surfing on Safari. Its paid plan offers advanced features.


  • Free technical support
  • Easy-to-use AI
  • Top-notch ad blocking facility
  • Frequent updates
  • Increases browsing speed by 2X


  • The free version offers only selected features which can be unlocked only by purchasing the paid plan.

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5. AdGuard

It increases loading speed and decreases traffic alongside eliminating annoying web elements. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. It helps block ads in apps and browsers and offers a secure browsing experience. It also offers a parental control feature that helps keep track of your child’s online activities. It is free to use and ensures a flawless browsing experience.


  • Free to use
  • Maintains data security
  • Parental control system


  • Users might face maintenance issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best browser ad blocker for Safari?

There are several browser ad blocker options to choose from, globally. The most sought after ones are AdLock and AdGuard. They act as the one-stop solution to all your browsing issues. If you wish to secure your data while browsing opt for AdLock as it ensure the best data privacy when surfing online

Can you install AdBlock on Safari?

Yes, you can. To do this, simply visit their website or download the app from the App store. You can set it up without any issues and it will help you dodge unwanted ads while browsing.

Which is the safest ad blocker for Safari Mac?

When it comes to browsing on the web, safety is something that cannot be compromised with. A good blocker ensures an optimal level of safety and protects you from harmful links and malware. Adblock Plus is one of the safest ad blockers to use that maintains privacy of your data while ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

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