PeaZip Review 2024

PeaZip Review
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This file compression software is an excellent alternative to WinZip, that can create self-extracting archives and does not necessitate installation. Developed by Giorgio Tani, this open-source application was first released in 2006. It is completely free to use and is compatible with PEA archive and other mainstream formats. 

This compression software has garnered immense popularity on account of its features that are comparable to paid tools. It hosts several features like password protection, command-line functionality, and seamless integration with the context menu. The best part is that all of these are completely free.

PeazIp is primarily concerned with the compression, organisation and security of files by deploying standard encryption technology. It helps users increase storage space on their devices by ensuring a high compression ratio. It places a significant emphasis on security and is compatible with Linux and Windows OS.


  • Feature-packed
  • Robust security
  • Compatible with diverse file formats
  • High compression ratio


  • Slow performance when creating archives
  • Occasional interface glitches

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Security Features

PeaZip specialises in security and acts like a comprehensive toolkit to safeguard data. Its exclusive PEA format, designed specifically for user protection implements encryption and option identity verification features. This compression tool leverages 256-bit AES encryption to create password-protected archives, and supports various formats like PEA, ARC, ZIP, 72, and more. Users are offered with the option to create a keyfile and a password when establishing new archives. This helps bolster security via two-step verification.

In addition to the aforementioned features, PeaZip also has an integrated password manager that encrypts user information and can be decrypted only via master password. Its secure file shredder permanently gets rid of unnecessary data.

Features of PeaZip Compression Tool

  • It features an easy-to-navigate and well-structured interface. All the functions can be seamlessly accessed with a simple right-click. The default settings of the software suffices requirements of the majority of the users.
  • In addition to the right-click menu, users can also drag and drop files that they need to archive on the PeaZip’s desktop icon. To initiate the unpacking process, users can drag an existing archive over the icon.

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  • Besides archiving utilities, users are equipped with the abilities to carry out other tasks like optimising compression formulas, implementing encryption, etc.
  • PeaZip centres around extraction, creation and conversion of multiple archive files simultaneously alongside supporting the generation of self-extracting archives (SFX). 
  • This compression tool has the ability to detect duplicate files, calculate hashes and carry out numerous other functions.
  • When compared to its competitors, PeaZip undeniably features a greater speed in terms of file extraction. On the contrary, its archive creation process is a little slow and tis is where it lags behind its competition.
  • This tool supports several file formats like ARC, TAR, PAQ/ZPAQ, WIM, XZ, ZIP, 7Z and more.
  • PeaZip also comes with a scheduling function that helps users to schedule file archives through the Windows Tasks Scheduler. 
  • Users can conserve disk space by seamlessly backing up files to another connected drive with the application of compressing data on the fly. Additionally, transferring archives via emails is also possible from within the application. The compressed file automatically gets attached to the mail being sent.
  • PeaZip can facilitate the conversion of an existing archive into any other format effectively or split it into multiple smaller sized files.

This free compression tool hosts several advanced features and is compatible with a variety of file formats. It is extremely versatile. Its only downside is that it has a slow speed when creating archives. 

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