How To Restore Deleted Contacts On iOS And Android?

Ways To Recover Deleted Contacts On iOS And Android

Losing contacts from your iPhone or Android can be a horrifying experience and can leave one frustrated. Contacts are a necessity in today’s world to stay connected with friends, family, business partners, etc and deleting them accidentally can be very agonising.

Unlike the case of deleted photos, where you can restore the lost pictures and videos through the trash folder, recovering deleted contacts involves a different set of steps altogether. Mentioned below are the ways in which iPhone and Android enthusiasts can recover deleted contacts from their devices and minimize the potential loss of vital information.

How To Restore Deleted Contacts On Android?

Here are a few ways in which contacts deleted on an Android can be recovered.

Method 1: Restore From Google Account

Unless you are living under a rock, there high chances that you are using Google services on your Android smartphone. If this is the case, you are in luck. Every piece of data you upload to Google’s cloud platform is saved and synced, including emails, files, notes, images, and yes, even contacts! You can export your data more easily as a result of switching phones. Isn’t technology a magical thing?

If you have been utilising the Google Contacts Application, then you can easily retrieve the deleted contacts. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Google Contacts app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the “Fix and Manage” option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the Trash/Bin option.
  4. The trash bin will contain all the data that you have deleted in the past 30 days.
  5. Select the contacts you want to restore and tap on recover.

In case you have deleted a contact before 30 days and want to recover it, then navigate to “fix and manage”. Then click on Restore Contacts. The deleted contacts will then appear in your contacts list.

Method 2: Go To Hidden Contacts List

More often than not, it is likely that the contacts you are looking for have not been deleted from your system but have just been hidden. Here is how you can fix it.

  1. Go to “Contacts” and click on the three dots on the top right corner of your device.
  2. Click on “Manage Contacts”.
  3. Navigate to “Contacts” to Display.
  4. Select and enable the “All Contacts” option.

The hidden contacts appear in your list once again.

How To Restore Deleted Contacts On iPhone?

Here is how you can recover deleted contacts from your iPhone.

Method 1: Restore From iCloud

Just like ‘Google Contacts’ in case of Android, there is iCloud in case of iOS devices. Here is how you can recover contacts using the same.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone and click on your name.
  2. Select the iCloud option
  3. Select Show All from the Apps using iCloud tab, then search for Contacts.
  4. Activate the Keep on My iPhone option from the pop-up menu after deactivating the Contacts button.
  5. Enable to ‘Contacts’ button again
  6. Select ‘Merge’

This will sync the iCloud contacts with those on your device.

Method 2: Use Gmail

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iOS device
  2. Go to Mail and Tap on ‘Accounts’
  3. Choose the email account that contains the desired stored contacts.
  4. Enable the Contacts toggle and sync your device with your Gmail contacts.
  5. Check your iPhone’s contacts; all of your Gmail contacts should be there.

Losing contacts can seem daunting, however, can be recovered by adopting the right measures. Thanks to cloud technology, built-in capabilities on Android and iOS can aid with recovery. Numerous third-party apps are also available, and they can save you.

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