Best Translator Chrome Extensions For A Next Level Browsing Experience

Best Translator Chrome Extension

More often than not we encounter something or the other on the internet, that is not in our native language and is tough to comprehend. For instance, you might visit a Japanese website to purchase a Favicon or head to a French website and read an article to know more about what is going on at a relative’s hometown. Irrespective of the reason, having a translation tool handy can facilitate better understanding and is more time-saving compared to flipping through the pages through a dictionary or language guide. 

Chrome has its own Google Translate extension that offers basic translation and can suffice for many individuals who do not require much translation in their day-to-day lives. When you open a web page on Chrome in a language that is different from the one spoken in your current location, a pop-up window gets displayed on the screen that offers to translate the page. In case you do not see the pop-up option, right click anywhere on the page and you will see a list of options displayed on the screen. Locate the “translate the page” option and left-click on it. This will open the Google Translate window. Google translate supports 53 languages and seamlessly integrates into the Chrome browser. 

The extension allows the users to hear pronunciations which can be very useful when learning a new language. In addition to this, the tool also offers to translate highlighted text on a web page. Google Translate, however, is not completely accurate when it comes to translating legal documents. Also, the tool has difficulty translating non-traditional language in web pages.

5 Best Translation Extensions For Chrome 


This tool helps translate webpages and other documents on the internet. Alongside this, it also has a useful Back Translation feature. This allows you to translate your text, make other edits and then reverse it back to determine the level of accuracy. You can choose to translate an entire web page or translate specific words using the popup bubble. What it does is it samples a variety of free translation tools in order to deliver optimal translation results.

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This tool closely resembles Google Translate. However, it possesses several advantages over Google Translate, the most important one being image recognition. If you select a particular area having an image, the tool will translate any text that lies within the image. This can prove to be super beneficial, especially in today;s world where content is primarily visual. It is available in 108 languages and has a dictionary of definitions, synonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, etc. These features help the user gain a more comprehensive understanding of the content.


This tool gives you extra control in terms of how Chrome translates your documents. Hotkeys within the Reverso extension, allow you to create your preferred method of translation. This tool is able to identify the context and hence the translation resulting from it is higher in terms of accuracy, even in instances where the text is not formally written. Reverso allows translation of PDFs and even movie subtitles in real-time. For those who are learning a new language, Reverso can be of great help as it provides games and tools that enable efficient and faster language learning. It is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, PrimeVideo, etc.  


This Chrome extension is excellent for those who are trying to learn a new language. In addition to serving like a basic translation tool, Rememberry helps you memorise better by creating flashcards which will periodically test your memory. The extension will fine-tune its algorithms based on your rating of how easy or hard it was to remember a word from the flashcard. This enhances the overall learning experience. The best part is that it can function offline for study purposes and supports over 100 languages. 


This simple yet powerful Chrome extension can translate individual words into your chosen language by simply hovering your cursor over them. You can also translate phrases or paragraphs by highlighting the required text. In addition to this it offers reverse translation, text-to-speech and manual translation. This tool also allows users to disable translation on selected web pages if desired.

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