5 Affordable LinkedIn Tools To Boost Your Business In 2024

5 Affordable LinkedIn Tools To Boost Your Business In 2023

LinkedIn Small Business

This is a great lead builder and has a 3-step social selling process. The icing on the cake is that the tool is entirely free to use. Small businesses can leverage this tool to track sales and build consumer trust. The three underpinnings of this tool are establishing brand presence/creating brand awareness, identifying and connecting with the right audience and boosting engagement via content marketing. The tool empowers small businesses to make the right market presence and reach top prospects. This tool is ideal for B2B lead generation and is relatively easy to use.

eLink Pro

Its marketing automation power, in conjunction with social selling, helps discover, attract and engage with numerous potential customers daily. It is the most sought-after tool by seasoned sales managers, realtors, recruiters, and everyone in sales and marketing. This tool offers a plethora of opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Dux-Soup (LinkedIn Automation Tool)

This tool is exceptional in facilitating automated lead generation. It automatically interacts with your existing LinkedIn network while simultaneously looking for and engaging with potential customers. It helps create an affinity audience list of people interested in your products and services. The LinkedIn notifications that say “you’ve been visited” or “you’ve been found in a search” drive the target to view your LinkedIn profile and, eventually, connect.

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This automation tool also proposes individuals for skills, send pre-written greetings, and even assists with posting content to profiles. Even your CRM software will be able to interact with the highest layer of service.

Shield App – LinkedIn Tool for Analytics

If you want to take your company’s LinkedIn analytics and statistics to the next level, then you ought to try out the Shield app. This LinkedIn-specific analytics tool integrates Google and LinkedIn analytics and amasses more information. The programme will gather the information you require as soon as you link your LinkedIn account. Multiple LinkedIn profiles can be added to business accounts and viewed on a single dashboard. This simplifies the marketing companies’ process to analyse several clients’ performance and identify what is effective for all of them. Moreover, having all this data on a single platform is immensely helpful for reporting. The app also facilitates monitoring audience demographics and categorising the different pieces of content.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator leverages its 772-million-member network and an advanced algorithm to help sales professionals find and foster relationships with the right prospects via social marketing. According to this LinkedIn tool, social selling leaders often produce 45% more opportunities, are 51% more likely to meet goals, are 80% more productive, and are 3X more inclined to join clubs.

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