5 Best GBA Games Of All Time

5 Best GBA (Game Boy Advance) Games To Play Right Now


There is no denying that the timeless charm of GBA games is glued to our memories. Although Nintendo Switch Online now provides access to a collection of Game Boy Advance titles, the joy that lies within an actual handheld console is inexplicable. If you have already downloaded a GBA emulator for android or your PC, then the list of GBA games highlighted below will come in handy. Playing these games on your iphone can be facilitated with Game Boy Emulators for iOS.The Game Boy and Game Boy colour were a testament to Nintendo’s mastery, which soared to greater heights with the GBA and GBA SP. Besides the hardware upgrades, what truly elevated the GBA experience was the gameplay experience from Nintendo and other publishers. If you are a fan of SNES titles like Zelda: A Link to the Past or are a sucker for the immersive legendary RPG realms, then you probably aren’t oblivious to the Game Boy Advance. 

Top 5 Best GBA Games You Must Play Right Now

Explore our list of the 5 best GBA games to feed your passion for classic gaming.

  1. Metroid Fusion

Developed by Nintendo in 2002, this GBA game is an upgraded version of the Super Metroid game. This game put an end to anticipations of the Super Metroid getting converted into Nintendo’s portable 32-bit powerhouse. This captivating adventure series features a more linear structure in contrast to its predecessor which highlighted an open-world freedom narrative. This game delves into Samu’s character in a way that aligns with the concepts of later games. The game brings to light the arch nemesis of Samu, dubbed SA-X, who is a formidable parasite created from her old Power suit. In a bid to reclaim her lost powers, Samu gets relentlessly pursued by this superior adversary. This premier game that features intense atmospheric visuals, offers an ultimate gaming experience on Nintendo’s handheld console.

  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

While the graphics of this GBA game may not have aged well, the polished karting mechanics of Nintendo’s portable racer is still the talk of the town. It builds on its predecessors, offering 20 well-designed tracks, diverse immensely challenging difficulty levels, alongside excellent multiplayer options. Players can deploy a strategic move to unlock the tracks from Super Mario Kart, a popular feature that has become a recurring theme in the franchise.Also Read: 10 Best Games Like Terraria To Dig, Build & Explore

  1. Advance Wars

The roots of Intelligent Systems, developer of Advance Wars, trace back to the Famicon. However, its true essence lies within the Nintendo’s portable system. Though the diminutive troops feature a cute appearance and showcase a cheerful facade, the intricately designed maps require tactical expertise for comprehension. Individuals can explore a varied range of unique powers that lie within the charismatic commanders. The engaging multiplayer maps offer a truly immersive experience that builds excitement during the game. The sequel, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, released in 2003 are built along the lines of the first game. What’s new is eight new commanders, a novel Neotank, fresh powers, and other additions that add to its fantasticity.

  1. Castlevania: Area of Sorrow

While all three Castlevania games for the Game Boy Advance are worth the hype, Sorrow is the one to beat. Besides being the most visually appealing one in the trio, its rich and innovative mechanism and Tactical Soul system set it apart. This system allows players to imbibe the characters of the souls of defeated enemies which subsequently enhance the skills of the main character, Soma Cruz. Also Read: 10 Best ROM Sites For Classic GamingThe game lacks an inverse castle. It however, has an excellent soundtrack, spectacular bosses, and a wide array of weaponry to explore. Soma’s journey continues in Dawn of Sorrow on the Nintendo DS.

  1. Golden Sun

There is an intricate RPG connection between Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age Camelot, malign them seem like two sides of the same coin. The choices made by the player during the journey might not be as valuable as that highlighted by Camelot, yet the richness of the narrative and the abundance of engaging characters are mesmerising. The combat centres around securing Pokemon-like Djinn which can be discovered through exploration or defeat in battles.  The pixel art featured in this GBA game is one of the finest.


In conclusion, the Game Boy Advance is the one-stop destination that delivers a magnificent array of vintage games. From the strategic brilliance of Advance Wars to the enchanting adventures in Golden Sun and the classic charm of Super Mario Advance, the GBA’s library is indicative of its unmatched legacy in the realm of handheld gaming.

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