10 Best Games Like Terraria To Dig, Build, Explore (Jan 2024)

Best Games Like Terraria

Terraria has captivated millions with its vibrant world, endless possibilities, and exhilarating blend of exploration, combat, and creativity. It is a sandbox game that empowers you to forge your path. Explore vast chasms, hunt down increasingly formidable opponents to put your fighting skills to the test, or build your city—the options are endless in the World of Terraria! But the spirit of adventure doesn’t end at the borders of Terraria. A vast universe of sandbox games like Terraria awaits you, each offering unique experiences and captivating settings waiting for you to explore!

The 10 Best Games Like Terraria For Digging into Fun

With a 10/10 rating on Steam and an 83% rating on Metacritic, Terraria is among the best games currently available. But what other video games may enthusiasts play to satisfy their itch after enjoying Terraria’s most recent update? To answer this, read further! We have curated the top 10 games similar to Terraria for you to explore the immersive gameplay.

1. StarBound

Starbound is one of the best games like Terraria that has aesthetic gameplay features. Players escape from the homeworld and end up lost in space with a severely damaged ship. They set out by landing on the closest planet and searching for supplies to repair your ship. It allows you to explore all pixelated worlds across the universe as much as you like. To acquire unique artefacts, they also face off against formidable extraterrestrial adversaries. You can create your very own space travel experience in casual mode, survival mode, and hardcore mode with permadeath.


  • It received an aggregate Metacritic score of 81/100.
  • It also won the Indie Game Magazine’s Most Anticipated Game of 2013.
  • It was awarded the No. 1 Indie of the Year in 2013.

Available on: PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle), Mac (Steam, GOG), Linux (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One (Microsoft Store), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), and is not currently available on mobile platforms.

Genre: Action-adventure, sandbox, space exploration

Multiplayer: Up to 8 players online (cooperative)

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is another game similar to Terraria that offers all those things in a sandbox setting that is recognizable for its blocky design. Players search for rare resources that will allow them to construct a plethora of useful equipment, dig their way through numerous underground levels, and hunt for treasure—all similar to what you can do in Terraria. You can also get your friends to play with you while you work on the fantasy castle. It gives you the freedom to create and conquer the planet.

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  • Received the “Best Debut Game,” “Best Downloadable Game,” and “Most Innovative Game Awards” presented by the Game Developers Choice Awards.
  • Received the Indie Database’s “Indie of the Year” and “Most Innovative and Best Singleplayer Indie”
  • Metacritic named it among the top video games of the 2010s.

Available on: PC (Minecraft website, Steam, Microsoft Store), Mac (Minecraft website, Mac App Store), Linux (Minecraft website, Ubuntu Software Center), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), and mobile platforms (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

Genre: Sandbox, survival, adventure
Multiplayer: Up to 8 players online (cooperative)

3. Don’t Starve

This action-adventure game, Don’t Starve, is one of the best games similar to Terraria that has roguelike and survival aspects, and its open world is created at random. Players must manage day and night cycles to survive while exploring, gathering resources, and crafting. The game has a day/night cycle, and there are more difficulties at night. Characters have special benefits and drawbacks, and unless some specific items are used, death is irreversible. You must control your hunger, health, and sanity in the game. You die when any of these gauges goes to zero. Seasons, different species, and varying day lengths are all present in the game. The unlockable character Wolfgang gives the game more dynamics.


  • The game received positive reviews and a Metacritic score of 82/100 for the Mega Pack on PS4.
  • Don’t Starve was a finalist at the Independent Games Festival 2014 awards event for both the main prize and the “Excellence in Design” subcategory.
  • In the 2019 SXSW Gaming Awards, Don’t Starve Together won the Gamer’s Voice.

Available on: PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle), Mac (Steam, GOG), Linux (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), and mobile platforms (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

Genre: Action-adventure, Survival

Multiplayer: Up to 6 players online

4. Spelunky

Spelunky is an exploration game like Terraria, in which players must travel to randomly created caverns to find valuables while dodging creatures and traps. The spelunker employs tools like ropes and bombs, leaps on adversaries, and wields a whip. The game has four progressively challenging areas, each with unique characteristics, foes, and prizes. The game has secret ways to get unique goods, level editing, local multiplayer, and the ability to unlock special objects and characters.

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  • Spelunky received favourable scores on Metacritic, with ratings of 90/100 on PC.
  • The Steam launch by Derek Yu was particularly successful, with 61,408 units sold within the first week and 577,185 units sold throughout the game’s lifetime.
  • Spelunky ranked 36th on The Guardian newspaper’s list of the top 50 video games of the twenty-first century in 2019.

Available on: Spelunky (Original) is available on PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle), Mac (Steam, GOG), and Linux (Steam, GOG). Spelunky 2 is available on PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Spelunky HD is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Genre: Roguelike, platformer
Multiplayer: Local co-op for up to 4 players.

5. Astroneer

The adventure game Astroneer is one of the best games, like Terraria and is generated procedurally. Gamers take control of an astronaut (Astroneer) who travels the planets by spacecraft, teleportation, rover, and foot. Players must create various objects in the game, including printers, spacecraft, rovers, and more. To build advanced things, players must gather “bytes” to unlock technology that requires craftable materials like compounds and resin. Players must monitor their oxygen intake, and they can refuel with tethers, portable oxygenators, or snails. To reach farther, an “oxygenator” is needed. The Terrain Tool lets you play around with the surroundings.


  • Metacritic has given the Astroneer’s Nintendo Switch a rating of 76/100.
  • Astroneer won several categories at the 2019 Webby Awards, including Adventure Game, Best Art Direction, Best Game Design, Best User Experience, and Best Visual Design. 
  • In 2019, Astroneer also took home the Gamer’s Voice: Video Game category at the SXSW Gaming Awards. 

Available on: PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store), and Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop).

Genre: 3D exploration and survival game

Multiplayer:  Local co-op for up to 4 players

6. Forager

Forager is a delightful substitute for Terraria, developed by an independent developer, HopFrog. For those who enjoy the feeling of accomplishment they receive from creating increasingly complex objects and structures, it’s a fantastic choice. You begin Forager on a little island where you must gather and manage your resources. After amassing sufficient resources, you will level up and be able to access new talents, plans, and abilities. You can purchase extra land to enlarge the area and discover more of the surroundings as you level up by foraging and crafting equipment and structures.


  • The game holds a Metacritic score of 78/100 on both PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • The game sold 600,000 copies on Steam within a year of its release.
  • Destructoid awarded the game a score of 8/10.

Available on: PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store), and mobile platforms (iOS App Store, Android Google Play Store.

Genre: Action-adventure. 

Multiplayer: single player game

7. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2, with its unique aesthetic and novel approach to the genre, is one of the best games like Terraria that combines exploration and combat. In the well-executed follow-up to Dragon Quest Builders, players assume the character of a teenage apprentice who decides to pursue a career in the building after a group known as the Children of Hargon sets out to eliminate all of the world’s creators. It’s a fun role-playing game with many elements as Terraria, including resource collection, crafting, farming, combat, and more. Its fantastical, blocky environment calls for imagination and exploration.

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  • The game had shipped 1.1 million copies worldwide by August 2019.
  • In 2019, it received the prestigious Japan Game Awards’ Award for Excellence.
  • The game received commendable reviews on Metacritic, scoring 86/100 for PS4.

Available on: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store), and Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop).

Genre: Action RPG, Sandbox, Building
Multiplayer: Online and local co-op for up to 4 players

8. Valheim

Valheim is a game similar to Terraria in which players must work to withstand its perils in a procedurally generated environment modelled after Viking civilization. By gathering materials to make weapons, armour, tools, and even ships to strengthen their defences, they play to protect themselves. It also allows them to construct and modify their own Viking longhouses. Similar to Terraria’s co-op, it features boss encounters to overcome and enables online co-op so you can attempt to endure purgatory with friends.


  • At The Game Awards 2021, Valheim was nominated for Best Multiplayer Game and Best Debut Indie Game.
  • At the Game Developer’s Choice 2022, Valheim won the Best Debut and Audience Award.
  • Imagine Game Network, IGN awarded “Spiritfarer” a stellar 9/10 score in their review.

Available on: Steam

Genre: Sandbox, survival, adventure
Multiplayer: Up to 10 players.

9. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is another Terraria substitute in which players go out on a quest to gather resources and construct comforts for spirits’ ships while learning about their pasts. The intention is to make these spirits feel comfortable before escorting them through the Everdoor to the afterlife. New portions of the ship are added like puzzle pieces, and characters provide minigames in exchange for resources and virtual currency.


  • It received nominations for The Game Awards 2020’s Games For Impact and Best Indie Game categories.
  • It is also a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Video Game and the Nebula Award for Best Game Writing
  • Received an impressive Metacritic score of 84/100, showcasing its well-received standing among critics.

Available on: PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (PlayStation Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Microsoft Store).

Genre: Management, adventure, simulation

Multiplayer: Local co-op for two players

10. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a game like Terraria in which one must mine resources, build structures and devices to support their colony’s growth, and see to it that it prospers in this subterranean asteroid in space. Everything is up to the player, including temperature control, exploration, and resource management. As you play, you will discover what you need to sustain your colony while establishing bases. Some structures are essential for preventing disease and—above all—for providing the residents with oxygen.


  • Received nominations for “Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year” at the 23rd Annual DICE Awards.
  • Received nominations for “Strategy/Simulation” at the 2020 Webby Awards.
  • 86 out of 100 on Metacritic, indicating high praise from critics and favourable reviews from various sources.

Genre: Simulation and strategy.

Multiplayer: Single Player

Available on: PC (Steam), Mac (Steam), and Linux (Steam).


This extensive guide is your go-to source for learning about games similar to Terraria, so you may take a personalized approach to your gaming experience. Every game in this blog adds a distinct flavour to suit a range of interests and inclinations. So, whether you’re looking for the excitement of exploration, the thrill of survival, or the joy of creating, these games will grab your mind.

So what are you waiting for? Set out on an adventure across unexplored regions, construct enormous buildings, battle fierce opponents, and pave the way to success. So why choose just one excursion when so many intriguing options are available? Immerse yourself in these games similar to Terraria and show off your gaming skills in settings that are as limitless as your creativity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any games similar to Terraria?

Released in 2011, Terraria has captivated players with its vast open environment, complex crafting system, and gameplay focused on exploration. StarBound, Valheim and Oxygen Not included are a few games similar to Terraria and loved by game enthusiasts.

Is Terraria easier to run than Minecraft?

Compared to Minecraft, Terraria often requires less computing power, making it easier to operate on older or less capable computers. On the other hand, both games may be tuned to function flawlessly on a variety of hardware.

Is there a game like Terraria but in space?

Though it is situated in a wide spacefaring universe, Starbound is one such gameplay whose style is quite similar to Terraria. Different experiences can be had from other space-themed sandbox games, such as Astroneer and No Man’s Sky, which emphasize exploration and discovery rather than building and battle.

What style of game is Terraria?

Terraria combines aspects of several genres, such as action-adventure, crafting, exploration, survival, and battle. It is well-known for its pixel art graphics, randomly generated areas, and open-ended gameplay.

Is Spelunky similar to Terraria?

Both Spelunky and Terraria, with their randomly generated areas and difficult combat, have an air of exploration and adventure. However, Terraria offers a greater variety of activities like crafting and construction, while Spelunky 2 concentrates more on platforming and puzzle solving.