Apple iPhone 15 Pro To Launch Later This Year, What We Can Expect

Apple iPhone 15 Pro, What Is To Be Expected, What We Know


  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro to launch later this year
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro and house a lot of exciting new features
  • iPhone 15 Pro will replace Apple’s current flagship iPhone 14 Pro

The Pro series of Apple’s iPhones have always maintained distinctive features to make them stand out which includes a stainless steel frame, a more capable triple-camera and a better display. If the latest speculations are to be believed Apple has something unique in its bag for iPhone 15 Pro to make it look and feel more sturdy, premium and lightweight at the same time.

The leaks suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a titanium frame for the first time on an iPhone which one can see on the Apple Watch Ultra. As of today, the iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro series feature a stainless steel frame.

Not only this will make them sturdier than regular models it also makes them heavy and bulky.

Apart from a sturdier frame with the iPhone 15 Pro, the California based tech giant could also reintroduce slightly curved frames for a better in-hand feel which could see the iPhone 15 Pro housing a curved display which will be a first for any iPhone.

If Apple does use titanium frames on the iPhone 15 Pro series, not only these iPhones will be strudier but will also be lighter owing to Titanium’s properties which despite being lighter than stainless steel offers more structural strength.

However, it’s not all sunshine, the downside is that titanium is more expensive than surgical-grade stainless steel which was used on iPhone 14 Pro which means the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro could cost more than the current iPhone 14 Pro.

In the current generation of Apple Watch the titanium frame has been limited to the Ultra option which is the most expensive watch option from Apple. However, on the Apple Watch Series 5, 6 and Series 7, the company used to offer devices in three different materials.

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The most affordable model had an aluminium frame while the mid-tier variant featured a stainless steel frame and lastly, the high-end model had a titanium frame.

Even though there was a similar form, the aluminium Apple Watch Series 5 is the lightest among them while the stainless steel model is the heaviest and the titanium model sits between the two.

This could mean that if iPhone 15 Pro comes with a titanium frame in a similar form factor as iPhone 14 Pro it could easily be lighter than its predecessor.

Apart from being lighter and sturdier than both stainless steel and aluminium, Titanium also boasts scratch and corrosion resistance, making it the best material. Having said this, due to higher material prices brands mostly stick to aluminium.

Apple might be going all-out with its iPhone15 Pro which is speculated to pack a titanium frame, USB Type-C port, a curved display along with a periscope zoom lens which will also be a first for an iPhone.

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