10 Best AI Tools To Skyrocket Your Business In 2024

10 Best AI Tools To Skyrocket Your Business In 2023

Ever since OpenAI launched its natural language processing tool, ChatGPT, in November 2022, there has been a surge in the growth of AI tools. ChatGPT has unequivocally grabbed eyeballs ever since its launch. The most recent upgrades of the chatbot are GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 which are large language models equipped with the ability to generate texts as good as human speech.

Besides ChatGPT, there are a plethora of other AI technologies out there and each passing day witnesses countless new tools making their way to the spectrum. AI tools can be deployed by businesses who want to unleash their creativity, need assistance with drafting ad campaigns or ace sales pitches.

Let us take a look at some of the most sought-after AI tools in 2024:


Businesses strongly rely on competitor analysis and research to bolster growth and here is where the AI Consensus comes into the picture. This powerful AI tool can swiftly extract material from scientific research papers. The user can ask questions on the platform and the tool will generate answers derived from aggregate findings from research papers. This ad-free tool offers instant analysis and scientific results.

Marketing Copilot

Reaching the target audience at the right time is the cornerstone of success for all businesses. To implement this, businesses need to ascertain that the messaging is clear and consistent alongside having a solid content plan. The social networking site, Twitter is one of the most popular places where consumers turn to when looking for products and services.

This AI tool allows users to describe their content style and it produces 60 personalised tweets based on the same. All you need to do is elaborate on the topic and the style of conversation. Users can also save their content plan with the help of this tool.

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If you are not a coder but are en route to creating a web-based augmented reality experience, then this is the tool for you. Embedded with features like virtual try-ons, AR games and face filters, this platform is a saviour for people with zero coding experience. It also comes provides WordPress and Magento plugins on its official website.

Casper AI

This tool, which is available as a Chrome extension, facilitates a seamless workflow by summarizing articles, generating content and giving actionable insights to stakeholders of an organisation. It utilises the latest GPT model by OpenAI. After installing, users need to click on the official icon when reading an article. The tool will generate a summary of the article being read and also instruct the AI tool to summarise the article in a way comprehensible by children under the age of 10.


Decoherence is your best bet in case you are on the lookout for creating easy and intuitive AI music videos. The platform also offers audio-reactive effects that can be explored. The interface is pretty simple. Users merely have to opt for an AI style, select audio-reactive effects, choose images to begin with and prompts to create videos according to their needs.

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This is a robust text-to-speech generator platform that can replicate human voices. It has various applications in industries ranging from entertainment and news to banking, education and gaming. It has garnered global attention on account of constantly refining its voice synthesis models. Genny, a next-gen AI voice generator has been launched by LOVO. Genny is equipped with text-to-speech and video editing capabilities.

Glass AI

This tool has been creating ripples in the healthcare sector. This is primarily centred around the clinical audience and is not a search tool that can be leveraged by the general public. Once a user enters a diagnostic problem in the interface, the tool will swiftly generate a clinical plan catering to the condition.

Stock Image.AI

This AI image generation tool allows users to unleash their creative bent of mind. It allows users to create high-quality images and also lets them edit instantly. The programme gives countless options for book covers, stock photos, posters, and wallpaper. Through language prompts, users can create images that they can then tweak to their liking.


The use of audio recordings has simplified living. But what about audio that is hardly audible and of poor quality? An AI programme called AI-coustics automatically optimises poor-quality audio and clears up any unwanted noise. This tool utilises AI voice augmentation technology supported by cutting-edge algorithms to enhance the precision and calibre of spoken words.


This is an AI-powered app builder where users only need to input a brief description of the programme they want to create, and the generator will make the necessary code. Based on the user’s definition, it will generate an utterly responsive interface and enable hassle-free customizations using a no-code editor. Users can list down the features they want to add to the app and the interface will deploy them.

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