Will AI And Chatbot Dominate The White-Collar Jobs Globally?

Looking Closely At The Pros And Cons Of AI And Chatbots

Humans and technology have always been involved in an intricate relationship ever since the industrial revolution came into the picture. The popularity of chatbots is plummeting and the world stand divided on whether it has impacted human lives positively or negatively. Technology has elbowed its way through and has become an integral part of each of our lives.

Technology has undeniably made our lives a lot easier. However, development of next gen tech and implementing them wisely is an issue that requires explicit attention. On one hand, some people believe that technological advancements have not had a major influence on the lives of people; whereas some are of the opinion that AI is poles apart from the technology that have been witnessed in the past few years and that we are in for a never-seen-before workforce disruption.

The ones who are sceptical of AI believe that it will replace all the blue and white-collar jobs in the world. This section of people believe that ChatGPT will particularly pose a threat to clerical, administrative and management jobs.

Experts are also of the opinion that workers in the US are being replaced by AI chatbots lately and they would soon be in control of the white-collar job markets globally. OpenAI’s latest multimodal language GPT4’s response to a user approves of this statement. The chatbot accepted its capacity to replace jobs like telemarketer, copywriter, market research analyst, customer service representative, tutor, technical support analyst, news reporter, etc.

The unanticipated rise in popularity of Microsoft-backed OpenAI triggered tech giant, Google to join the race and launch its Bard AI chatbot which is accessible in US and UK by hitting the “Join Waitlist” button. None of the tech behemoths have declared their AI chatbots to be the best or error-free. One of them opinionated that though AI will revolutionize society, the chatbots with less than 100% accuracy could obliterate a lot of jobs. The tech giants are referring to it as an “early experiment”.

These AI tools can be viewed as money-making alternatives. Lot of people in favour of AI argue that companies envision to empower individuals in need with these technologies. Chatbots have the capability to automate routine and schedule tasks allowing more time to employees to focus on more essential activities.

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However, it would not be wise to underestimate the power of AI as that would undoubtedly create monsters which might lead to a consequential disaster. Hence, it is essential to craft a solid legal framework to contain the power of AI and safeguard citizens.

Regulation of AI at an international level is pivotal for the humankind.

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