You Can Now Avail iPhone 14 At An Astonishing Price In India

Forget iPhone 13, You Can Buy iPhone 14 Under 60,000 In India


  • Amazon is offering the latest iPhone 14, which was released in September, at a shocking discounted price of under 60,000.
  • This promotion is only valid for the purchase of the phone with its 128GB capacity.
  • On Apple’s website, the iPhone 14 model with 128 GB of storage space has a standard rate of 79,900.

If you are considering purchasing the most current iteration of Apple’s iPhone, you may be interested in the following offer. The e-commerce powerhouse that leads the market is luring customers with exchange deals and bank promotions for the iPhone 14.

Due to deals offered by banks and other retailers, the price of an iPhone 14 may be reduced to as little as Rs 57,100. 

The most recent iteration of Apple’s iPhone lineup, the 2023 model, is known as the Apple iPhone 14. It is fueled by a 6-core CPU that is built inside the Apple A15 Bionic chipset.

You may now get, at a significant discount, the flagship smartphone that was introduced in the month of September. The promotion is only valid for the 128GB model of the phone, which Apple’s online store lists as having a standard rate of 79,900.

According to the ad on the e-commerce website, customers who pay for the smartphone using an HDFC Bank credit or debit card are eligible for a one-time rebate of Rs 5,000 off the

purchase price of the device. Because of this, the price of the phone would be down to Rs 73,400.

You may get an extra discount by trading in your old smartphone for up to Rs 16,300 in credit toward the purchase of a new one. If you want to trade your old phone, you really must check to see that it is still fully functional before doing so. With this deal, you will be able to get an iPhone 14 from the website for the price of Rs 57,100.

Now that we’ve narrowed down the discounted price, let’s recap the mind-boggling features that the latest iPhone 14 comes equipped with.

The Apple iPhone 14 has a panel with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen. This display offers narrow bezels and a broad colour gamut. The screen is equipped with HDR capabilities, and Face ID sensors, and boasts a brightness of 1200 nits.

The normal refresh rate is 60 Hz for this device. The iPhone 14 is powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, which has a 16-core neural processing unit (NPU) and a 5-core graphics processor. 128 Gigabytes, 256 Gigabytes, and 512 Gigabytes are the three different storage capacities that may be selected for the CPU.

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The memory (RAM) that the CPU can support is up to 4 gigabytes. The iPhone 14 is running the presently stable version of iOS 16, which was put on it.

In terms of connectivity, the smartphone has support for 5G, Wi-Fi, dual SIM, Bluetooth, GPS, and a charging connector that is compatible with the Lightning standard.

The iPhone 14 includes two rear cameras; one of them is a main 12MP wide-angle sensor with a larger f/1.5 aperture and sensor-shift OIS; the second is a supplementary 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. Both of these cameras have the same amount of megapixels. Dolby Vision compatibility is included for use when capturing videos with this device.

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