Google To Launch Tool That Deciphers Doctor’s Badly-Written Prescriptions

Google To Help In Deciphering Your Doctor’s Handwritten Prescription


  • On Monday, Google revealed an AI and ML model that can detect medications inside incomprehensible handwritten prescriptions and by the doctor.
  • The new AI-ML model developed by Google has the potential to dramatically enhance the precision and effectiveness of the prescription procedure.
  • Through this technology, the chance of making mistakes will be reduced, and the well-being of patients will be improved.

A significant proportion of medical professionals jot down prescriptions for medications in such a rush that it is practically hard for their patients to make sense of what they have written. This issue has been present for many decades, and several technology companies have spent years attempting to find a solution to it, with very little to no success.

Google presented a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) system on Monday in India at an initiative organised as “Google for India.” This system is capable of recognizing and highlighting pharmaceuticals inside handwritten prescriptions that are challenging to read. 

Google is now attempting to translate those texts that are incomprehensible to most people. At the annual conference, the search engine giant stated that it is collaborating with pharmacists to investigate methods to read the handwriting of medical professionals.

The functionality, which is still in the testing phase and is not yet available to the general public, gives customers the option to either snap their own photograph of the prescription or choose one from a photo library. 

An executive from Google showed that when the picture is analysed, the application is able to recognise and emphasise the various medications that are specified in the message.

In Google Lens, an artificial intelligence technology that can decipher illegibly written medical reports will be developed. The yearly event that the company hosts in the South Asian region is called Google for India, and it is there that it reveals hundreds of new innovations.

Additionally, the firm said that it is working on a singular, unified model to support more than one hundred Indian languages for both voice and text in order to facilitate the internet travel of the following millions of persons in the South Asian region.

Google has gathered more than half a billion customers in India, making it an important market for the company. 2022 has been a challenging year for Google in the South Asian market since the tech giant has been reprimanded twice by India’s antitrust commission in the last few months.

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Google also said that it is working on developing a system that can offer a thorough picture of the agricultural environment in India. This model will combine sophisticated AI and ML competence with innovation that is used for remote sensing in order to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, Google Pay is adopting new security features, including multi-layered smart warnings, which will inform customers if unusual behaviour is noticed by the fraud detection technology. These alerts will be introduced with other Google Pay enhancements.

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