LG’s Novel Technology Could Be A Game Changer In The Smartphone Camera Industry

Bulky Smartphone Camera Bump Issue to Be Resolved By LG’s Latest Technology

Although LG has officially renounced all associations with the smartphone market, it is still smartphone displays and other accessories. The South Korean company has just revealed that it has crafted a brand-new camera module that may be the answer to one of the greatest problems with current flagship smartphones. Recently, LG Innotek developed a compact smartphone camera module that can provide up to 9x optical zoom.

Even more intriguing is that LG and Qualcomm collaborated to optimise their most recent camera module for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU. Will some future smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC use the new camera sensor from LG Innotek? That needs to be clarified.

The new camera module will officially launch at the CES 2023 tech show. Prototypes with the new LG telephoto lens featuring an optical zooming capability of 4x to 9x are also anticipated. The only brand that makes accurate optical zoom-capable camera sensors for smartphones is Sony. LG will soon hop on the bandwagon.

The LG unique telephoto lens has optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a moveable lens assembly. When contrasted to other telephoto alternatives, the camera unit is relatively compact, and it can zoom in at a 200mm equivalent. A smartphone with this sensor can provide various degrees of optical zoom using a single camera module. It is anticipated that this camera sensor will be capable of making small and accurate movements of 1 m.

This is LG’s first optical zooming smartphone camera sensor, and it’s anticipated that only premium flagship phones would have the privilege to use it. Similar to Android flagships, a periscope zoom lens is anticipated for iPhones as well, and Apple may utilise a variant of this in the future iPhone 15 Pro model.

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