Twitter Blue India Cost Revealed: Take A Look At Feature And More

Twitter Blue Launches In India: Cost, How To Subscribe, Benefits And More!

Microblogging behemoth Twitter has rolled out its premium subscription service in India and revealed the charges. This indicates that users in the nation will now have to pay to use Twitter Blue’s services, which include several features.

The price of Twitter Blue has been made public by the social media company after considerable speculation about how much users in India will have to pay. There are several benefits included with Twitter Blue for subscribers.

Twitter Blue Cost in India

Indian users can get a Twitter Blue subscription for a monthly fee of Rs. 900. The price quoted at the moment is part of a limited-time deal. The cost for people who subscribe to iOS and Android is Rs 900. The charge that web subscribers will be required to pay is Rs 650 per month. Twitter has maintained a reduced price for Twitter Blue’s web subscription.

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Twitter Blue Features

Twitter Blue comes with several features. The significant ones include:

Edit Tweet:

A 30-minute window will be granted to users to make a certain number of changes to published tweets. Subscribers can utilise it to alter content, tag individuals, or rearrange linked assets. Only original Tweets and Tweets that contain quotes can presently be edited.

Bookmark Folders

Twitter Blue subscribers can collect and organise their bookmarked Tweets into folders for easier subsequent finding. You are allowed an infinite amount of private bookmarks and bookmark folders with Twitter Blue.

Custom App Icons

With this feature, you can modify how your Twitter App icon displays on your iOS or android device.  

Top Articles

This feature allows you to access the most popular items in your network. Simply put, the “Top Articles” feature enables you to find the kind of information you want to read by listing the most popular pieces from both the people you follow and the people they follow.

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Undo Tweet

This feature allows you to take back a tweet that has already been sent but hasn’t yet been seen by other users of Twitter. Contrary to an edit button, this feature allows you to preview and amend your tweet before it is shared with the world. The Tweet is visible to your followers after the Undo period is over, at which point you can choose to leave it or remove it as you would typically on Twitter.

As part of its plan to expand internationally, Twitter also revealed that new subscriptions to Twitter Blue are currently only available on the web, iOS, or Android in India, Canada, the US, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, and Indonesia. Notably, the business said in a blog post that not all functions are accessible on all platforms.

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