Twitter Blue Relaunch: Subscription Prices Higher For Apple Users

Twitter’s Subscription Service “Twitter Blue” Is Relaunching Today Here’s All You Need To Know

Social media giant Twitter announced on Saturday that a revamped version of its paid monthly subscription service, known as Twitter Blue, would be launched on Monday. The Elon-musk owned company tweeted, “we are launching @TwitterBlue on Monday.” The subscription charges mentioned in the tweet were $8 or $11 per month on iOS for access to subscriber-only features like the blue checkmark, permission to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, etc.

The company did not explain why Apple users were being charged more than those on the web for the subscription services.

Below are some features that would be included in the subscription service as declared by the San Francisco-headquartered company:

  1. A blue tick post verification: the user will get the tick only after Twitter verifies the account.
  2. The “official” label for businesses will be replaced by a gold checkmark, and that for the governments and government organisations will be replaced by a gold checkmark.
  3. Access to the Edit Tweet feature shall also be extended to the subscribers.
  • They will also be able to upload higher-quality videos (1080p), and a ‘reader mode’ shall also be available.
  • It will enable the users to change their display name, handle, and profile photo. This would, however, result in a temporary loss of the blue tick since the account will again be subject to verification.

Twitter had initially launched Twitter Blue in November but paused it owing to the enormous number of fake accounts that cropped up on the platform. According to the billionaire businessman and Tesla CEO, the service would have resumed by the end of November, but he later said that the project would be “temporarily paused.”

Musk maintained that the 30% cut that Apple charges on income from iOS apps sold through the App Store by boosting the price of the iPhone. Since Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, he has been encountering numerous tiffs with Apple.

Then, he said that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its app store and had halted advertising on the social networking site.

But following a second conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he tweeted that the confusion around Twitter being taken out of Apple’s app store had been remedied.

Both companies refrained from responding when Reuters asked Twitter and Apple for comments.

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