New Apple Watch Could Cost As Much As iPhone 13 Pro: Report



  • All new ‘Apple Watch Pro’ could house a better shatter-resistant display
  • The Apple Watch is said to be codenamed N199
  • The new ‘Apple Watch Pro’ will compete with Garmin and Samsung

The US-based tech giant Apple could launch a new version of its watch series called “Extreme Sports” which, as per reports, could be launched later this year alongside other versions and will be getting a “Pro” category similar to Apple’s other products like phones, tablets, laptops and earphones.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that Apple’s rugged watch could be called the Apple Watch Extreme or Apple Watch Max or Apple Watch Explorer Edition or the Apple Watch Pro.

Gurman also claimed that the new version will have ‘pro’ features such as a larger and more shatter-resistant display which will likely increase the cost to as much as as the iPhone 13 Pro.

Gurman, in his newsletter, said that the rugged Apple Watch will have ‘pro’ features and explained that just like the ‘pro’ models in its other consumer products such as MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone Pro are differentiated from other models in a lineup.

The “pro” version of the Apple Watch will also be strikingly different from the regular Apple Watch offerings and has been reported to get launched later this year. Gurman also claims that Apple Watch’s ‘Extreme Sports’ version is codenamed N199 inside the company.

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Gurman assumed “the company will probably go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing.”

Gurman said that this particular version of the Apple Watch is going to house “a larger and more shatter-resistant display, enhanced hiking and swim tracking, longer battery life and a heftier and rugged case made from a premium, non-aluminium metal material (probably titanium given it’s much more durable than steel)”.

The Apple Watch “Extreme Sports”, as the name suggests, will cater to extreme sports athletes and could probably go against the likes of premium Garmin wearables. The pro model of the Apple Watch is set to offer better performance, larger screens plus, along with a higher price tag.

Gurman claimed, in his newsletter, that the upcoming version of the high-end Apple Watches could start from close to $ 900 (around ₹ 71,500) and range up to $ 999 (around ₹ 79,300) which is the base price of an iPhone 13 Pro in the US.

Gurman said that the high price could be due to the larger display, new sensors and higher-end materials.

Apple is also said to launch a regular version of the Apple Watch Series 8 along with a new Apple Watch SE.

The new Apple Watch SE could be priced a little reasonably as the current model at $ 279 (a little over ₹ 22,000), while the standard Series 8 could start from $ 399 (close to ₹ 32,000) in its smaller size and the aluminium configuration to replace the Series 7 which may start at $ 849 (around Rs. 67,500).

Apart from Garmin wearables, the new versions of the Apple Watch will compete against the Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5 series, which is also said to have a ‘pro’ model.

Samsung is said to launch the wearables in LTE and non-LTE configurations, however, Apple Watches might only have the LTE models.

Apple’s pro watch is also said to have a case size of either 46mm or 47mm.

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