Google Meet Updated: Gets Tile Layout, Noise Cancellation And Low light Mode Just Like Zoom

Google Meet Updated Gets Tile Layout, Noise Cancellation And Low light Mode Just Like Zoom


  • Google “Hangout” service renamed to “Meet”
  • Google Meet Get similar features like Zoom’s tile-like layout
  • Features are being rolled out globally

Recently Google renamed its “Hangout” service to “Meet” and now the company is adding a whole lot of features to the re-branded teleconferencing application. Though the features were already announced a while ago but Google has started rolling them out on the global level from this week.

These upgrades will help “Meet” compete with other applications such as Zoom.

In the latest update, Google will roll out 4 main feature in “Meet” which they claim are in demand the most. It looks like these new features are aimed at taking away some market share from the competitors by enhancing user experience.

The update will be live on both Android and iOS platforms apart from web implications.

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Let us take a look at these new features added to Google Meet:

Tile Layout

In the latest update given to “Meet” by Google, the application will allow 16 people to share a single share simultaneously. Earlier the app limited the screen sharing to 4 people. Google have also claimed that future updates will bring larger meetings, better layouts and support across additional devices.

Change Video Quality

Now the application lets the users present a single Chrome tab instead of simply presenting their entire screen or the window. Now the users can also change the quality of video along with the audio content in meetings. The update is already live and you can see the video below to know how it can be done.

Noise Cancellation

Are you worried that your headsets or device’s in-built microphone does not support noise-cancellation capabilities? Well, Google, in its latest update of “Meet”, has brought out a feature which will actively work throughout the call and will cancel noise for both the speaker and the listener.

Low-light Mode

This new featured added to Google Meet improves the visibility in low-lighting conditions. Since at time it is hard to find a spot, in homes, where the lighting is perfect for a video call, this feature will light-up dim-lit video streams.

As of now, the feature is being rolled out on mobile users but Google is claiming that it will be available to web users as well.

As the entire world is seeing a shift and the Work From Home (WFH) culture could even become a reality, video conferencing will be key in keeping the world connected. To exploit the gap currently being used by brands like Zoom, Google is making itself better equipped for the competition to come.

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