Twitter Testing New Feature Where A User Can Limit Replies On The Tweet

New Feature Coming To Twitter To Safeguard Users From Being Bullied


  • Twitter testing a new feature where users can restrict who reply to their tweets
  • Feature will be available right below the tweet compose window
  • Company is now testing this feature publicly

The US based micro blogging website, Twitter, is now testing a new feature wherein it will allow its users to restrict who can reply to their tweets, said on Wednesday. This new feature is a new reply permission setting which will enable users to decide who can respond to their tweets, because currently when a user publishes a tweet on Twitter, anyone, irrespective of if they are following the user of not can leave a reply on the tweet.

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This new development announced by Twitter in a video demo published on the platform. In this demo, Twitter revealed that the company will add a new permission setting right below the Tweet compose window where the user will be able to select who can reply to the tweet with the options being

  1. Everyone
  2. People You Follow
  3. Only people you mention

This will be very useful especially when people get unnecessary and bullying replies from people on the platform. Also, for a complete private conversation, Twitter had already launched a Direct message (DM) function on the website.

As the name of the new feature suggests, only those users which the author of the Tweet has selected will be allowed to respond to that particular tweet. Having said this, other users who were not “invited” to reply to the tweet will setill be able to see and like the tweet.

Though Twitter is testing this feature publically, it is available to limited users. Twitter has not yet confirmed a date when users can expect the feature to be rolled out for everyone, however, if things go as planned, it should not be more than a could of weeks.

Earlier this year, Twitter said they would add reply permission setting in the future. “We want to help people feel safe participating in the conversation on Twitter by giving them more control over the conversations they start. We’ll be experimenting with different options for who can reply to Tweets in early 2020,” the company had said then. As of now, Twitter users are allowed to make their accounts private so they can limit the replies from users to who are following them.

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