Microsoft-Powered AI Tool, ‘Designer’ To Compete With Canva; Preview Available

Microsoft-Backed AI Designing Tool At Par With Canva

Tech juggernaut Microsoft has made Microsoft Designer, a designing tool with AI, available for public preview. Microsoft released Designer in October last year. Users may create images and create graphics using the new application, which is purportedly designed to compete with Canva. The Microsoft Designer’s user interface was comparable to Canva’s when it first debuted.

Designer was introduced by Microsoft in October 2022. Users will receive help with graphic design and picture production from the new application, which is apparently designed to compete with Canva. The Microsoft Designer initially had a user interface akin to Canva.

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The AI-equipped Microsoft Designer streamlines customers’ creative journeys by providing a simple beginning, enhancing their creative workflows, and, most crucially, assisting them in overcoming creative obstacles.

The blog post from Microsoft highlighted that “Designer” deploys state-of-the-art generative AI technology to assist and empower every person to start working on new ideas, generate distinct graphics instantly and uplevel content, with or without a background in design.

Microsoft claims that the Designer is built to help users at every level of the creative process. Microsoft stated that since the tool’s introduction in October, the AI models had been steadily becoming better, giving consumers more power. Microsoft also includes Designer in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge to help with inspiration when using the internet.

Currently, users can check out the preview of the Microsoft Designer visiting the website or log into their Microsoft account. Edge users can access the Designer preview by clicking the “+” symbol in the sidebar to enable it. This feature is now being rolled out to Edge users.

Besides Canva, Adobe’s Adobe Express Tool, which provides a variety of image templates and stock images, will rival Microsoft Designer.

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