“Human Mind Is The Most Powerful Machine; ChatGPT Can’t Beat It”- Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy

Human Mind Is The Most Powerful Machine ChatGPT Can’t Beat It


  • Open AI-powered ChatGPT has took the internet by storm ever since its release in November last year.
  • Founder of the India’s IT behemoth, Infosys, opinionates that AI-powered chatbots will not be able to subdue the human mind.
  • “Human mind is the most powerful imagination,” said Narayana Murthy.

The rise of artificial intelligence has considerably triggered concerns about the future employment prospects for millions of people. However, have humans aggrandized the potential of AI? Infosys founder, N.R. Narayana Murthy voices his disagreement on the thinking that places AI on a higher pedestal in comparison to the human mind.

The 76-year-old billionaire stated his firm belief in a CNBC interview where he mentioned that AI-powered chatbots will not succeed in beating the human mind. The distinct statement crops up when Open-AI powered ChatGPT is incessantly creating a stir in the industry with its eye-grabbing capabilities like writing comprehensive essays, giving suggestions, answering questions with a human touch, etc.

Murthy is of the opinion that ChatGPT and tools similar to it are excellent additions to knowledge generation. He continued by expressing his strong belief in the idea that the human mind is the most potent machine for imaginative creation. The business entrepreneur also remarked that in a time where majority of the individuals have access to ChatGPT, it is the human mind that sets people apart.

He basically meant that if he and the interviewer were competing and one of them used ChatGPT, they would both need to contribute their own unique difference, intelligence, and “own tweaking.” The IIT Kanpur graduate continued, “Lazy guys will get C.” Only intelligent people will earn an A. As a result, he was less concerned about ChatGPT’s growth.

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OpenAI upended the tech industry after launching the ChatGPT in November 2022. The AI chatbot has the capability to respond with human-like intelligence with the advent of its latest large language model GPT-4. Developers and engineers have been attempting to design ever-more-innovative use cases for AI chatbots ever since they came into existence.

ChatGPT hit 100 million users in a really short span of time. The chatbot was later integrated into Microsoft’s Bing Search, which has been pumping billions of dollars into the AI company. The launch of ChatGPT has not only sparked employment concerns among the masses but also set off a race among tech giants to incorporate the best of AI technologies into their products and services.

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