Nearby Share: How The Airdrop Alternative For Android Works On Windows

Google’s Airdrop Alternative For Android Is Now Available On Windows

It is undeniable that Apple possesses certain advantages over Android in certain aspects viz. the file-sharing ecosystem. Sharing photos, and files between Android devices has been nothing short of a struggle since time immemorial. Google addressed this concern and released the Nearby Share feature for Android devices in August 2020. The feature was extended to Chromebooks in June 2021 and later in March this year, a beta version of the feature was made accessible on Windows devices. The feature’s availability on Windows makes it ten times more useful. The version of Nearby Share is available on Windows and is a beta one.

What Is Nearby Share?

Nearby Share lets you wirelessly transfer a variety of files between Android devices. You can share documents, websites, applications, pictures, and more. For each circumstance, Nearby Share chooses the best Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi protocol to exchange your data securely and effectively.

The feature can be used even when you are offline because it is backed by all of these protocols. The functionality is reasonably secure because both the sender and the receiver of the data must accept the request for sharing.

How To Setup Nearby Share?

The visibility of Nearby Share varies from device to device. However, if you own a Google Pixel, Samsung or any other device, then follow the steps mentioned below to enable Nearby Share.

–       Go to Settings

–       Navigate to Connected Devices in the menu

–       Click on Connection Preferences

–       Tap on Nearby Share located at the lower end of the screen

–       Turn on the toggle of Use Nearby

To use Nearby Share on Windows, you’ll need Bluetooth and a device running Windows 10 or a later version of the operating system. Drag and drop files into the window to share them with yourself or nearby Android users in your Contacts after logging into the Google app on your Android smartphone or tablet. To share content back to your PC simply navigate to the Share menu built into Android and choose “Nearby Share.”

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