Apple Watch Pro Won’t Be Compatible With Older Straps, New Bands Rumoured To Be Wider



  • A 47mm display could be used in the Apple Watch Pro.
  • Satellite calling could be a feature of the rumoured Apple Watch Pro.
  • An exact launch timeline of Apple Watch Pro has not yet been disclosed by Apple.

Older watch straps from the company are rumoured to not work with the Apple Watch Pro. A source claims that because the smartwatch has a larger display and a 47mm or 48mm case, it is incompatible with current watch straps and that Apple would include a wider band with the gadget. Older bands can work with the Apple Watch Pro, but they will not fit as well or as seamlessly, according to Bloomberg. A previous report said that it is a tough smartwatch with satellite calling and messaging support. Additionally, a flat display in a metal case is expected.

The rumoured Apple Watch Pro will not support straps from older generations smartwatches. It is anticipated to include a bigger screen, a case that measures 47mm or 48mm, and broader watch bands.

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On the other hand, the Apple Watch Pro will support older bands, but due to the larger display, they might not fit or seem as seamless, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

A recent report suggests that the Apple Watch Pro may have a 47mm flat display. The Apple Watch Series 8 is believed to include it. According to rumours, the Watch Pro will be Apple’s largest smartwatch. Without 4G or 5G connectivity, it is said to support satellite calling and texting. It is also rumoured to be a tough smartwatch with a new design.

Apple Watch Series 7 is anticipated to be 7% larger than Apple Watch Pro. Use of titanium was also advised for better build quality. According to rumours, the company will allegedly introduce the Apple Watch Series 8 at the “Far out” event on September 7.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to have the same design as the Watch Series 7, based on a previous report. According to sources, it will be available in the colours Midnight, Product Red, Silver, and Starlight for the aluminium model and Graphite and Silver for the stainless-steel model.

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