Top 10 Free Ping Reducers for Gaming in 2024

free ping reducer for gaming

There has been at least one event where a player has experienced high ping or a spike in a game. It is annoying to experience such gaming issues, as they can greatly affect the overall gaming experience. It is also possible to experience game lag when you have a high ping. If the ping is over 100, the gaming speed will slow down, and the game will fail. Lag spikes and latency are all associated with high ping, so players need ping boosters. 

But which ping reducer is best for you? Explore our curated selection of the 10 best free ping reducers, designed to optimize your online gameplay and eliminate frustrating delays.


10 Best Ping Reducers for a Lag-Free Gaming

Discover the tools that will elevate your gaming sessions to new heights without costing a dime. Playing online games will now be more enjoyable with the dedicated ping reducers mentioned below. Check out our detailed review for each of them and choose the one which suits you best.

1. LagoFast

LagoFast is one of the best ping reducers for gaming. LagoFast is recommended by 3,000,000 players worldwide. It offers multiple servers in over 150 cities and 60 different countries. All gaming servers have improved stability and fast performance. More than 2000 online games can benefit from LagoFast’s smart network connection, dramatically reducing ping and latency.



  • Reduce ping and lag with LagoFast.
  • It supports over 2000 console games.
  • Comes with an intelligent route selector.
  • It allows user to customize settings to their specific needs.

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2. WTFast 

It could also be called a GPN, which means gamers’ private network. It provides a GPN to speed up the connection without changing the network settings. Because it can lead to the least-congested way for your internet connection, you can play online games without interruptions. FPS should be increased. WTFast allows you to clear RAM to optimize your PC, improve internet speed, save previous game settings, and eliminate high ping concerns. However, some may find WTFast expensive for a game-optimizer-only program.



  • It includes serval open beta games.
  • You can connect with the WTFast team and request them to connect with the particular game that they do not support.
  • It can also be installed for iOS and Android.
  • Primarily designed for gaming traffic optimization.
  • Supports real-time analysis and optimization.

3. NoPing

NoPing is another excellent free ping reducer for gaming. NoPing, a dedicated gaming program, scans your connection to find the best and quickest route you can take to reduce ping. The program, which has been proven to efficiently eliminate latency and ping issues, is used by pro-level gamers of several online games, including League of Legends, Fortnite, CS: GO, and COD. This program determines your connection and game servers and gives you a list of the most focused servers you can connect to based on ping timings.



  • It is accessible for 15,000+ dedicated servers.
  • Its software can help with latency concerns over 1000 different games.
  • You can use a ping stabilizer to unblock games that are geo-restricted.
  • Allows multiple users to connect simultaneously on a single account.
  • Supports real-time monitoring.

4. Kill Ping

Kill Ping is the best ping-reducing software that automatically picks the fastest way to reduce your ping to your gaming server. This will ensure that you have the least amount of lag. It is an excellent ping reducer for League of Legends, allowing you to play fast-action games like FPSs and MOBAs without experiencing lag. Compete and establish your worthwhile Kill Ping, which takes care of the rest. You should be aware that, unlike a VPN, it cannot encrypt your gaming traffic, hide your IP address, or change your location.


  • Used to connect with Windows games or gaming platforms.
  • You can change the location to 100, which serves over 30 different locations.
  • It has the option to choose servers manually or let the software choose.
  • User-friendly interface for simple setup and navigation.
  • Allows users to customize settings for specific games and their performances.

5. Razer Cortex

Another fantastic ping reducer for gaming is the Razer Cortex. It takes care of everything and provides you with the best gaming experience possible, including getting the best gaming offers, a game booster for both your PC and mobile device, and much more. This ping-reduction software is available for free. Despite being cutting-edge, sleek, and fascinating, the Razer Cortex’s UI is simple enough for even inexperienced users to grasp. It is also an excellent ping reduction for League of Legends players. The issues with ping and FPS while performing the triple kill are well documented. Kill Ping is a subscription service and is compatible with Windows Vista and later operating system versions.

Razer Cortex


  • It redirects all the extra processing power away.
  • It can automatically restore for PC.
  • Runs in the background to extract every last bit.
  • Allows you to track in-game FPS to monitor performance.
  • It provides insights into your hardware and software specs.

6. Exitlag

Exitlag and LagoFast are similar, but Exitlag does not provide driver upgrades or graphics overclocking services. Players can use it to switch servers and nodes, lowering ping. Exitlag is a gaming VPN that solely boosts games on a free ping reducer for PC. If you play games on Windows, you can still try this free ping-reducer software.



  • It is a specific software for PCs and enhances pings.
  • It can redirect different servers from internet traffic.
  • It helps to enhance game performance.
  • Allows you to combine multiple internet connections.
  • Has a simple, user-friendly interface.

7. Ping Booster 7

Ping Booster 7 is yet another top free ping reducer for gaming lovers. Because Ping Booster does not offer an FPS boost, you cannot use it to upgrade the software or overclock the graphics card. Ping Booster currently supports hundreds of online games. Overall, it is a safe and effective tool for reducing lag in online games.

Ping Booster 7


  • It optimizes the network traffic.
  • Automatically adjust various network settings to improve your internet connection for gaming.
  • It prioritizes gaming traffic and reduces latency.
  • Allows you to track ping history to identify troubleshooting issues.
  • Allows for personalized optimization.

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8. Pingzapper 

Pingzapper is a VPN that reduces gamers’ ping. With 49 servers spanning 22 cities in 16 countries, it is the largest network of servers in the world. FPS boosts aren’t available with Pingzapper. If you only need to change servers, you can try it. 



  • It automatically scans games and the selection of servers.
  • It also supports multiple games and live metrics of performance.
  • It also provides secure and safe connections.
  • Designed with lightweight proxy technology for gaming.
  • It improves pings for various genres, including FPS, MOBAs and MMOs.

9. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster automatically closes unnecessary programs and background processes that might be hogging RAM and CPU usage. It reduces gaming pings by adding games to it, and supports lightweight file sizes, game modes and free applications. The program tweaks various system settings related to network performance, hard drive access, and visual effects. These tweaks can give your game a slight performance boost without compromising overall system stability.

Wise Game Booster
  • Designed to improve PC gaming performance.
  • Helps in network boosting and game boosting.
  • It also optimizes processes and systems.
  • Monitors CPU and GPU temperature in real-time to prevent high temperatures
  • It has a built-in recorder.

10. Smart Game Booster

Also known as ITop VPN Smart Game Booster, Smart Game Booster is another PC program aiming to optimize your system for a smoother gaming experience. With Smart Game Booster, you can boost your game frame rate without changing servers or nodes. You can reduce ping and increase frame rate by updating drivers and overclocking your graphics card.

Smart Game Booster


  • It allows to boost FPS and Performance.
  • It also allows you to record games.
  • It prioritizes gaming traffic to reduce lag.
  • Automatically analyzes hardware and recommends graphics settings.
  • It frees up system resources.


Ping and latency problems are common among dedicated gamers who take their hobby seriously. Online games are more difficult if you have a high ping, so anyone who enjoys playing online games wishes for a ping reducer. The ping reducers mentioned above are not just free to use, but they can also improve the connection between your device and the game server, thus enabling smooth gameplay. 

However, when considering such tools, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure that you are obtaining software from a reputable source to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, be aware that the effectiveness of ping boosters can vary based on factors such as your internet connection, geographical location, and the specific game you are playing. 


What is the best ping reducer?

Ping reducers depend heavily on each individual’s situation and needs, so there is no universal “best” product.

How can I make my ping lower?

Lag can be reduced depending on what causes it. You can boost your performance by connecting via a wired connection, closing background apps, and restarting your router. Consider upgrading your internet plan or using a gaming VPN if that doesn’t work.

Do ping reducers work?

They aim to find faster paths to game servers by acting as traffic routers. However, effectiveness depends on your specific situation and the game you’re playing. Along with optimizing your network and closing background apps, think of them as tools in your toolbox.

What is the free app for low ping for gaming?

You can often achieve the best “free” solution by optimizing your network: closing background apps, connecting to your computer with an ethernet cable, and adjusting game settings. ExitLag or WTFast are two popular gaming VPNs you can try for free for better results.