YouTube Feature Underway: Creating Shorts From Comments On YT Shorts Might Be Possible Soon

YouTube’s Latest Feature Under Testing Might Enable Users To Create Shorts From Comments

Google-owned YouTube constantly experiments with novel features in a bid to boost user engagement on the video-sharing platform and to outperform arch-rivals like meta-backed Instagram and ByteDance-backed TikTok. YouTueb is currently testing a feature which enables users on the platform to create a shorts video from the comments in the YouTube shorts section. The feature is accessible only to a selected lot of iOS and Android users as of now and is currently in the developmental stages.

The company opened up about this feature that might allow mobile viewers to create shorts from the comments of a YouTube shorts video. Presently creators have the ability to reply to the comments on their videos with YouTube shorts. The upcoming feature might enable viewers to use comments to create content (shorts). Once the video is created, it will reflect on the viewer’s page alongside appearing on the Shorts video feed. The users who have penned the comments on the Shorts and the creator of the Shorts video will not be notified about the same.

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The social media behemoth had announced two other experiments earlier. One allowed users to increase the playback speed of a video by 2x by long pressing on any section of the video. The second experiment targets enhancing user experience by enabling users to locate specific sections of a video through larger previews. The platform is also testing a ‘lock screen feature’ to ward off disruptions caused by accidental clicks while streaming videos.

YouTube is considering implementing a three-strikes policy for people who use ad blockers. The platform regards the usage of ad blockers as a violation of its Terms of Service. While innovation lies at the core of this video-sharing platform, its prime focus is solely on the establishment of a fare and engaging platform for viewers and creators.

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YouTube is also testing how AI-generated quizzes would fare on its platform. These quizzes will be accessible only to a particular group of users and will be visible on the app’s page. The quizzes will assess the degree of comprehension of videos that users have recently viewed.

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