WhatsApp To Get Caller ID Service Available By May: Says Truecaller CEO

Truecaller Will Soon Roll Out Caller ID Service On WhatsApp In A Bid To Curb Spam Calls


  • Truecaller’s WhatsApp caller ID service is currently under beta testing.
  • It is anticipated that the feature will roll out by the end of this month.
  • Truecaller Chief Alan Mamedi emphasises on the rise of telemarketing and spamming calls.

In a bid to assist users in identifying suspected spam calls made over the Internet, Truecaller will soon begin making its caller identification service available across WhatsApp and other messaging apps, the company told Reuters on Monday.

According to Truecaller Chief Executive Alan Mamedi, the service which is presently under beta testing shall be launched worldwide by the end of May.

A 2021 Truecaller report highlights the rise of telemarketing and fraud calls in countries like India where users receive an average of 17 spam calls every month.

Companies like Jio and Airtel were instructed by the Indian Telecom Regulator to begin employing artificial intelligence filters to stave off telemarketing calls over their networks. According to Truecaller, it is in talks with telecom companies to put this fix into place.

Mamedi reported having witnessed a spike in spam calls according to user reports from India, emphasising that the practice of telemarketers using Internet calling was still relatively new to the market.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service deploys spam detection technology to identify and deal with accounts exhibiting unusual behaviour and offers customers the ability to block and report problematic accounts.

With 250 million users, India is Truecaller’s largest market. Boasting over 350 million members worldwide, its major income sources are advertising, subscription services, and independently vetted business listings.

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