Upgraded Version Of Microsoft Bing To Include ChatGPT Like Features

Microsoft Unveils Revamped AI-Powered Bing With ChatGPT-Like Features; Call It “Co-pilot For The Web”

The ChatGPT maker OpenAI has added artificial intelligence to Microsoft’s Bing, giving it a boost. Similar to how ChatGPT already responds to queries, Bing will soon be able to do the same. But what precisely can the updated Bing do? Is it superior to what Google Search currently offers, and how exactly does one sign up? All of your inquiries are addressed below.

Here’s What The New Bing Search Can Do!

Simply put, Bing is ready to become more conversational and comprehend the context of questions in a better way. It will respond in an “essay style,” just like ChatGPT. It will continue displaying pertinent links.

However, the prime focus will be on the “summarised answer,” which Microsoft claims is generated by consolidating credible sources throughout the web.

According to Microsoft, “you can use it to compose stories and poems or even to communicate project ideas.”

Users can converse with Bing and offer “follow-up questions” in the dedicated “Chat” experience. For instance, if Bing responds with a technical explanation of quantum computing, you may ask again, “Explain this more simply,” and Bing will do just that. The key is that Bing will attempt to respond to queries conversationally by understanding the context of the questions.

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Additionally, Microsoft has provided several sample inquiries that can be made through the new chat function on Bing. These range from suggestions for a music festival to assisting with coding, constructing a three-course menu, and planning an anniversary trip. The new Bing search and the chat-based detailed answer are displayed on the right when you search for any of these queries.

Still in restricted distribution, the new Bing. To gain access to the feature, you must register for the waitlist. Visit the Bing website and see the ‘Introducing the new Bing’ banner.

The sign-up process is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Bing Search. To be eligible, users must have a Microsoft Outlook account.

That’s it once you’ve put your name on the waitlist. Wait for authorisation before using the service.  Microsoft will send an email to the approved users to test out the new Bing experience.

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