“More Info, Less Guessing”: YouTube Modifies Its Video Uploading Process; See Details

Google-owned YouTube Alters Its Video Uploading Process; Here’s All You Need To Know

Google-owned online video-sharing and social media platform YouTube has made alterations to its video upload process. The platform tweeted, informing its users that in the future, when uploading a video, they will be able to see an estimate of the processing time of the videos across different quality levels like SD, HD, 4K and so on before it gets uploaded.

YouTube claims to end all speculations while uploading videos on the platform. It said, “you’ll see time estimates for how long it’ll take to finish processing your uploads across different video quality levels (SD, HD, &4k)”. This would equip users with the power to decide the right time to hit publish.

Earlier, there were two separate waiting periods while uploading a video to the website. The second section demonstrated how long it would take to convert the file into a full-quality video, while the first part demonstrated how long it would take to upload the clip from your PC or laptop to your YouTube account.

The new feature combines both components into one, thereby facilitating faster uploads. The Google-owned firm claims processing times may be longer for higher-quality formats like HD and 4K. The feature has also already been made available to a small number of people and will shortly be made available to more users.

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In July and September 2022, the streaming service took down 5.6 million videos due to violating its community guidelines. According to YouTube’s recent blog, during the past two months, the site has received over 271,000 removal appeals, out of which it reinstated about 29,000 after careful assessment. 

According to YouTube, from July through September of this year, 10 to 11 out of every 10,000 views were of videos that broke community guidelines.

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