Google Map Features That Are Inaccessible To Indian Users Right Now

6 Google Map Features That Are Currently Unavailable In India

Over 220 nations and territories utilise Google Maps. Based on the nation you are based in, it offers real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information. However, not all of Maps’ functions are accessible in every nation, and this is also true of India. While several Google Maps features, including landmark-based navigation, offline mode, and two-wheeler mode, were originally introduced in India, some of them haven’t yet been implemented in the country. Here are certain Google Maps functions that are not yet accessible in India.

Search With Live View Feature

Google introduced and started to roll out the Search with Live View feature in September 2022. In essence, the feature enhances the Maps app’s search capabilities by supporting augmented reality layers. The ‘Live View’ AR function, which enables users to use their smartphone cameras to visually guide themselves along a journey with the aid of floating arrows, is basically what it builds on. The function displays both more precise positions and landmarks’ relative locations.

For instance, you can open Google Maps on your smartphone and follow the floating arrows to get to the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. Google stated that  the function is already accessible in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo, and will soon be rolled out in Barcelona, Dublin, and Madrid.

Indoor Live View

An extension of the Outdoor Live View, the Indoor Live View feature displays turn-by-turn guidance inside malls, airports, and railway stations, similar to how the feature aids users in locating landmarks outdoors. Google stated that the function will be available in more than 1,000 additional airports, train stations, and shopping centres in Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, So Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Taipei in the upcoming months.

Immersive View

The Immersive View was unveiled at Google I/O last year as a way to rapidly inspect multi-dimensional images of a location together with data like the weather, traffic, and bustle. In order to anticipate what a location will look like tomorrow, next week, or even next month, Google Maps employs predictive modelling to study historical trends for a location. For instance, Google Maps’ immersive view will provide you all the information you need if you are visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris and want to know the traffic situation, the entrance gate, peak hours, how the landmark appears, and more.

Also, a time slider quips users with the ability to view the area at various hours of the day. Before making a reservation, visitors to the Eiffel Tower can look out nearby restaurants. In the upcoming months, immersive view will be rolled out for Android and iOS in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Eco-friendly Routes

An entirely new routing algorithm has been added to Google Maps, allowing users to travel as fast and sustainably as possible to their destinations. In the US and Europe, eco-friendly routing is possible with the use of AI and local government knowledge.

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As a result, across the US, Canada, and 40 nations in Europe, Google Maps will simultaneously provide the quickest and most fuel-efficient route. Users may compare the relative fuel savings and ETA differences of the two routes and select the one that best suits their needs, according to Google.

Lite Navigation

To help cyclists navigate without having to enter turn-by-turn navigation because they typically store their phones away while cycling, Google introduced a tool called lite navigation as part of its eco-friendly navigation programme. Lite navigation enables cyclists to quickly view crucial information about their route without having to keep their screen on or enter turn-by-turn navigation, such as trip progress, your ETA update in real-time, and the elevation of the route.

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