From Motherload to More: Ranking The Top 10 Games Like Motherload

Games like motherload

Do you ever find yourself immersed in the classic mining game of Motherload? Or are you someone who is constantly looking for mining and exploration games like Motherload? Well, let us tell you that you are not alone. This timeless online mining game has become well-known for its captivating gameplay and fusion of resource harvesting and exploration, offering an underground odyssey like no other game. In Motherload and its sequel, Super Motherload, players descend into the Martian dirt and operate a mining pod, gathering precious materials and improving their machinery.


The excitement of finding hidden treasures and the game’s straightforward but captivating gameplay make it worth all the praise. This has led to a hunt for games that are similar to Super Motherload. Join us as we dive into the top 10 alternatives to Motherload and super Motherload for all the mining game enthusiasts.

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Top 10 Motherload Games Alternative:

This carefully crafted list aims to point gamers who liked Motherload in the direction of related games. This list of games like Motherload provides a wide selection of well-known games to hidden gems, guaranteeing that players will never tire of the excitement of exploration and mining in various virtual worlds.

1. Terraria 

Terraria-Games like motherload

Terraria is a famous alternative to Super Motherload that offers fighting with various monsters, crafting, construction, painting, and exploring. By 2022, Terraria had sold over 44 million copies and garnered good reviews, making it one of the best-selling video games.

Unique Game Play:

  • The game features 16-bit sprite tile-based graphics. Players begin the game with simple tools and the guidance of a non-player character.
  • They then explore tile layers and harvest resources such as metal ores. They are involved in assault, ranged, magic, and summoner classes with foes.
  • Invasion, boss fights, and seasonal events give the game more depth while beating the Wall of Flesh puts it into “hard mode” (advanced- level).

Reaching objectives, living in buildings made by the player, providing services, and adjusting prices in response to happiness are all ways to draw in NPCs. They are available in Steam, Mac App Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, App Store, and Google Play Store.

2. Steam World Dig

Steam World Dig-Games like motherload

It is a game like Motherload that explores the mines beneath the ancient Western town of Tumbleton to discover the treasures concealed there. SteamWorld Dig received a nomination for Readers’ Top 50 Games on Eurogamer.

Unique Game Play:

  • The game’s main objective is to mine resources with various implements, such as drills, explosives, and pickaxes. 
  • It involves controlling resources like coal and water and navigating a varied underground terrain with randomly placed mines, and players must tactically improve their tools.
  • The gameplay combines combat, platforming, and exploration as players come across opponents that have distinct attack styles.  

The economy system rewards players for gathering important ores, and a difficult but rewarding experience is guaranteed by the option to respawn on the surface for a price. You may buy the game in several online stores, such as Amazon, Steam, and 

3. StarDew Valley

StarDew Valley-Games like motherload

StarDew Valley is another alternative to MotherLoad, which draws inspiration from the Story of Seasons series. “Stardew Valley” received a nomination for Best Game at the 13th British Academy Games Awards.

Unique GamePlay

  • The Players inherit their grandfather’s land in Pelican Town, Stardew Valley. They must overcome hurdles, grow crops, tend to livestock, and engage with NPCs to bring the farm back to life. 
  • Progress is fueled by quests and packages, which open up new locations and features. Strategic components include time management, health, and fatigue levels.
  • The shortened calendar and seasons impact crop development and activity. Players can explore an island with year-round crop growth and repair a greenhouse later in the game.

This is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Citations for Stardew Valley’s music, characters, and calming aspects have made it one of the best video games ever.

4. Noita

Noita-Games like motherload

Noita is a single-player video game like MotherLoad. It also has a feature that allows Twitch broadcast spectators to vote on events that happen in-game. At the 2019 Independent Games Festival, Noita was a finalist nominee for three awards: the Nuovo Award, Excellence in Design, and Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Unique GamePlay

  • Noita features Permadeath, and the player must battle opponents that bear legendary Finnish creature names like Hiisi and Iku-Turso. 
  • A sorcerer travels the world, casts spells, and consumes potions. The primary means by which players engage with the surroundings is through spells.
  • More than 100 spells are available, and each has a special set of effects. Spells can be used to hurl missiles, cause explosions, or even manipulate the weather.

At the 2021 Finnish Game Awards, Noita took up two prizes, namely Big Screen Game of the Year and Finnish Game of the Year. One can buy Noita on the, Humble, Bundle Steam and

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5. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition-Games like motherload

Minecraft game like the Super Motherload in which players are invited to explore each biome’s wonders and discover its own rewards and difficulties. Players explore the world using resources like wood, stone, minerals, and ores.

Unique GamePlay

  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition’s dynamic and constantly shifting world, players must adjust to new circumstances and overcome obstacles to survive and prosper. 
  • The safety of the players is threatened by terrible creatures that arise as night falls. Environmental dangers like lava pools and perilous terrain further increase the difficulty and excitement of the game.
  • With an extensive crafting system, players may turn unprocessed resources into vital tools, armour, weapons, and other necessary items to construct, survive, and explore the environment.

Windows PCs, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile. Players can interact and exchange stories in the lively online community that is fostered by Minecraft Pocket Edition. 

6. GoldRush 2 

GoldRush 2-Games like motherload

In this entertaining and instructive game, the devices accurately and detailedly mimic the laws of physics as they exist in the real world. The game has also garnered positive reviews from critics; it has an 80% Metacritic score.

Unique GamePlay

  • The game takes place in an Alaskan territory with dynamic weather patterns, seasons, and a malleable landscape. Players take on the role of a gold prospector, staking claims, mining for gold, and building a thriving mining town. 
  • Players discover techniques like sluicing, dredging, and panning to extract gold.
  • Gamers will mine and refine gold to sell to buyers, then utilise the proceeds to acquire more advanced gear. 

It is available for purchase and download via Steam, the well-known online gaming platform for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can also buy the game on other digital stores like Amazon and

7. Oil Tycoon 2 

Oil Tycoon 2-Games like motherload

It is a realistic simulation game like MotherLoad in which players must search for crude oil, drill wells, refine petroleum, and build a vast global oil empire. In 2003, it was Nominated for the Interactive Achievement Award for Best Simulation Game.

Unique GamePlay

  • Purchasing land and examining it for possible oil reserves through advanced geological instruments and methods, the player will examine soil samples and seismic information and pinpoint worthwhile drilling locations. 
  • After finding a possible oil field, they invest time in drilling rigs and remove valuable black gold from the dirt.
  • After successfully extracting oil to transform crude into useful goods like kerosene, diesel, and gasoline, building refineries will be necessary. 

It is available on Amazon, and Steam. Making strategic decisions is necessary to maximize revenues and optimize resource consumption. Gamers must think carefully about their plans for expansion, investments, and market swings. 

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8. Gold Miner Classic

Gold Miner Classic-Games like motherload

It is an intriguing casual mining simulation game like Super Motherload in which players go on a thrilling expedition to the depths of the ground and satisfy their need for riches and gems. It is a well-liked casual game that has gained the respect of users who want straightforward but highly engaging mining simulation games.

Unique GamePlay 

  • Players enter a subterranean world full of sparkling diamonds and priceless stones as young miners. 
  • They excavate deep to find secret treasures and gather enough money to challenge the richest rulers.
  • The mines are more than just a place to dig; they are filled with surprises and unanticipated discoveries. One can explore historical relics, encounter mischievous creatures, and unearth truths hidden for ages. 

The player’s reputation as a proficient miner increases together with the size of the diamond collections. To build their empire, they sold the valuable stones to interested traders. It is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

9. Dig Out

Dig Out-Games like motherload

Dig Out is more than just a collection of rocks and dirt; it’s full of surprises and unanticipated discoveries. It has captured the hearts of many players who like straightforward but addicting mining simulation games. 

Unique Gameplay

  • To be a successful miner, the player must be astute in management. They ensure the supplies needed to continue their quest for wealth by balancing their mining and resource-gathering activities.
  • One can enhance tools and equipment as they go along in your mining adventure. In addition to increasing your mining productivity, these enhancements will give additional powers to let you explore farther into the planet and find even more riches.
  • There are many explosives, falling boulders, and other lethal traps around the subterranean area that might quickly terminate your mission. Since each map is created randomly, no two runs are the same.

Available on both Apple and Android, Dig Out transports you on a global exploration journey where you will explore mines and unearth treasures from around the globe.

10. StarBound

StarBound-Games Like Motherload

It is a Super Motherload alternative in which procedural generation is used in many gameplay components and features, including planets, adversaries, and goods, to provide various content. It won Indie Game Magazine’s Most Anticipated Game in 2023.

Unique GamePlay

  • This game has quests, story-based missions, free-world exploration, fightable enemies, and environmental interaction and terraforming. The things a player wears define their player class.
  • The player can construct buildings, cultivate and sell crops, and levy rent to non-playable characters (NPCs) who can reside in those structures.
  • Mechs are modules that let you equip various tools and weapons, such as drills, rifles, and shields. Mechs are mostly used for space exploration, including visiting asteroid fields and spacecraft.

Additionally, one can outfit the mechs with different bodies, which control the mech’s health and energy levels. It is available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Windows via Xbox Game.

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Every time you launch any of these motherload alternatives, you’re up against a fresh, thrilling challenge! From Terraria’s liberty and absence of a rigid storyline to Oil Tycoon’s intriguing experience, these games shall keep you captivated for hours on end with their realistic graphics, intricate business modelling, and interesting gameplay. These games are suitable for both casual and seasoned strategy gamers.

So, why hesitate? Pick any one or a few of these motherload alternatives from the list and quench your gaming thirst! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):   

1.Is there a game like Motherload on Steam?

Terraria and SteamWorld Dig are some of the few games like MontheLoad available on Steam.

2. How to use cheat codes in Motherload?

One should be aware that employing cheat codes can affect how you enjoy the game, so it’s best to use them sparingly to prevent unexpected outcomes. 

  • Get to the Entry Screen for Cheats:
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the game’s chat console.
  • Type the desired cheat code in the chat console, then hit “Enter” to activate it.

3. What type of game is Motherload?

The mining and exploration game “Motherload” is categorized as an arcade, precisely a digging-based game. In a subterranean setting, the game incorporates aspects of resource management, upgrading, and excavating.

4. What does the radiator do in Motherload?

The game features six radiators. As their quality rises, their price gradually increases. You can buy new radiators from the Junk shop. Your ship’s radiator determines the damage you sustain when drilling into magma deposits.

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