How To Run High-End Games Without Graphics Card? 5 Easy Methods

How To Run High-End Games Without Graphics Card? 5 Easy Methods


If you’re someone inclined to delve deep into the world of PC gaming but do not own a graphics card, then you’re at the right place. A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), dubbed as graphics card or video card is deployed by computers to render images, video, and 2D or 3D display animations. A GPU is the backbone of a gaming PC since it transforms binary data into visually captivating pixels that help you witness beautiful images on your computer screen while gaming.

GPU is primarily endowed with the task of freeing up CPU to allot storage to other important functions and perform quick scans. The smaller cores that constitute a GPU equip it with the power to multi-task. Having a graphics card can take your gaming experience a notch higher. However, you can play PC games without graphics card as well.

5 Ways To Play High-End Games Without A Graphics Card

New-age games offer a varied range of customizations for players including permission for changes in graphics settings. So, for players who do not own a graphics card, altering the in-game graphics like resolution, texture quality, effects, shadows, etc. for seamless performance can seem like a viable solution.

Mentioned below are some ways to run high-end games on your PC without a graphics card/video card.

1. 3D Analyze

This tool mimics the graphics options that necessitate the use of a graphics card. There are certain high-end 3D games that cannot be played without a graphics card. 3D Analyze can help you play those games by navigating through the restrictions.

Follow these steps to download and install 3D Analyze

  • First, download and install the application
  • Once done, Run it.
  • Click on the ‘Select’ option once the interface is open
  • In the popup window, look for games that you want to run with the file extension .EXE.
  • After you select the game, the screen will display the VendorID and DeviceID of different graphics cards.
  • Choose and one and fill out the DeviceID and the VendorID
  • Once this is done, click on ‘Run’ and get started with the game

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2. Razer Cortex – Game Booster

This game booster not just allows you to play games without graphics card but also optimizes your PC’s performance by improving its speed and functionality. It facilitates a glitch-free and smooth gaming experience by maximizing FPS (Frames per second) and freeing up resources. It helps identify the functions that aren’t of immediate interest and halts applications and background helpers. Once the game is over, it restores the PC back to its original state.

Follow these steps to download and install Razer Cortex

  • Firstly, download the “Razer Cortex- Boost” software from the Razer website
  • Create an account in order to activate the downloaded software
  • After account creation, open the game application and launch Razer Game Booster
  • Run the software

3. SwiftShader

A high-performance CPU-based implementation of the Vulkan graphics API, SwiftShader, is primarily concerned with the objective of eliminating the dependency on advanced 3D graphics. It supports features like shaders, FPR, anti-aliasing, and more. It is extremely compatible and seamless integrates with the APIs (Application Programming Interface) that developers use for their games and applications. It eliminates the need to alter the source code. It achieves high performance by dynamically compiling optimized code to meet the 3D rendering requirements of an application.

Follow these steps to download and install SwiftShader

  • Download the software 3D renderer, SwiftShader
  • Extract the .zip folder
  • Once done, copy d3d9.dll and paste it to the game’s directory
  • Click on the .exe file of the game you want to play
  • Get started with gaming

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4. Game Fire

This game booster offers a smooth experience by boosting games and augmenting PC performance. It ensures that the PC functions that are unnecessary are halted and sole focus is on optimizing the PC performance for lag-free gaming. It has a ‘Game Mode’ option that speeds up games and provides an ultimate gaming experience.

Follow these steps to download and install Game Fire

  • Download and install the software
  • Once installed, launch the application with exception to Windows Firewall
  • Click on the ‘switch to gaming mode’ option that gets displayed on screen post the launch
  • You can stick to the ‘default gaming profile’ or create a new one according to your needs
  • Once done, click on ‘OK

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5. Visual Effects Setup For Enhanced Gaming

Windows 10, of all the available OS, offers the best gaming experience without the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Here is how you can alter the visual setting on your Windows 10 for improved gaming.

  • Click on the ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows’ option
  • Find the ‘Adjust for best performance’ option and click on ‘apply’
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Check if the ‘Adjust for best performance’ is set to ‘Programs’
  • Click on apply and then ‘Ok’ to save the changes

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Try these solutions mentioned above to enjoy your favourite games even when you do not have a graphics card. Though you can play games without a graphics card, having one is highly recommended considering that it helps render high quality videos, games and software. Runnings too many programs without a video card might cause your processor to overheat and damage it significantly.