10 Best Apps To Record Phone Calls – Free & Paid

Best Call Recording Apps To Empower Your Communication

Have you ever misplaced a phone call’s statement? Would you like to be able to record crucial talks?

The call recording feature that worked well for a long time has now become tricky on Android. In May 2022, Google disabled the feature for good after turning it on and off several times. There is a lot of material out there, and a lot of it is no longer valid because of years of workarounds, regional limits, changes in Google policy and API, and carrier restrictions. The frequent change in these guidelines and procedures often necessitates the use of call recording apps.

So, we have mentioned the best call recording apps for our users so they can choose apps according to their ease and understanding level.


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10 Free Phone Recording Apps To Capture Every Conversation

We will mention the 10 most convenient call recording apps that will allow you to record both ends of your phone calls and play them back anytime. You’ll have everything at your fingertips, whether it’s a humorous conversation with a friend, important points for a professional meeting, or even a challenging customer support contact.

Prepare to part with the notepads and sloppy scrawls! Let’s look at the 10 best apps to record phone calls to improve your quality of life and even add some fun.

1. Call Recorder- Cube ACR

Call Recorder- Cube ACR

The Cube ACR Call Recorder is a phone conversational superhero. It’s a smart app that lurks in the background of your phone and automatically saves your talks when needed. In simple language, it works as a helpful robot that records your phone conversations to be listened to later. It also serves as your archive, ensuring no crucial discussion is lost or forgotten. Thanks to its seamless call recording capabilities, every conversation you have with Cube ACR becomes convenient.


  • Make a contact list so that calls can be automatically recorded.
  • It records certain talks that you have chosen.
  • Filtering and organizing phone call logs is simple.


  • The app offers a one-week free trial to its users.
  • The premium plan costs $11.99/6 months.
  • The annual subscription costs $19.99.
  • Its weekly plan costs $2.99.

2. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro is made to filter and record calls as and when needed. While recording all calls is the default setting, this may be adjusted to only record calls from some specific contacts. Every call is kept in a specific mailbox, which can be expanded in size if needed. This data can also be kept in the cloud thanks to the professional version. The app has a 4.2-star rating on Google Play and over 1 million downloads.


  • Play, locate, and annotate crucial audio files.
  • You can transcribe recordings, store them in the cloud, and protect them with a password.
  •  Share recordings directly to other apps like WhatsApp, Email, etc
  • Adjust audio quality to balance between file size and clarity.


  • There may be some in-app purchases, but the app is free to use.

3. Truecaller


The goal of True Caller is to prevent any obnoxious telemarketing and scam calls from reaching your phone. As most people here already know, Truecaller identifies incoming calls and displays the caller’s name on your screen, making it easier for you to recognize who is calling.

Additionally, their system maintains data in a crowdsourced directory and gives you information about the caller. The app runs on IOS, Windows, and Blackberry, which makes it perfect for anyone who uses multiple phones.


  • Block selected contacts’ calls and messages.
  • Easily manage call recording files
  • Sends out a fraud alert
  • Clean and efficient user interface


  • It has a free version with ads.
  • The Connect Plan costs $6.36/year.
  • The Assistant Plan costs $17.99/year.
  • The Gold Plan costs $59.99/year.

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4. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

It is an Android sound recorder and audio recorder app that’s simple to use. With the help of this app, you may share recordings of meetings, lectures, seminars, music, and much more with your family and friends.

This free phone recording app has no time limits or other limitations and is made to function on any device. Even in situations when the gadget is not particularly powerful, the audio is crystal clear and excellent. The application is easy to use and suitable for all user levels.


  • Simple controls are the first step towards an automatic record.
  • Can record calls and noises via Bluetooth or earbuds
  • Easily manages recordings


  • It is free to use

5. Call recorder

Call recorder

Call Recorder is another powerful app that comes with the best recording technology. Today, with the growing mobility, call recording is becoming more and more crucial, especially when recording important official calls. Recommendations from numerous banking regulators now address mobile recording. 

The recording is done on a system with call management and record security software. The majority of recordings done by these apps depend on an analogue signal obtained through a telephony card or call-recording adaptor.


  • Save space by converting to high-quality PCM and AAC or by using AMR.
  • Easily share, organize, and move your recordings to your computer.
  • Utilizing a home screen widget, manage the recorder as it records in the background.


  • It is free to use. In-app purchases are available.

6. HD Auto Call Recorder 2020

HD Auto Call Recorder 2020

A free phone recording app that comes with excellent sound quality and ease of use. This app allows users to password-protect call recordings, erase call records after a predetermined time, and record all phone conversations automatically. 

Users can also alter the audio source and record format, switch on the speaker automatically, delete call records, and email call recordings. When a recording is finished, users will receive a notification.


  • Call recordings are automatically deleted according to time settings.
  • Email is a useful tool for sharing call recordings.
  • For simpler usability, turn on the speaker feature.


  • Free to use.

7. TapeACall


This Android smartphone call recording app called TapeACall is free to download. It makes it simple to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can record every incoming call or only a subset of them. Even other people’s chats can be recorded. 

All the recordings are stored in your device, which you can easily manage and share with others. It is a useful tool for professionals and for people who have a busy schedule and need to record work calls to save time and energy.


  • Keep a record of all discussions, both in and out.
  • Simple computer download
  • Call recording without limits
  • Push alerts for simpler use
  • Post recordings on chat apps and social media.


  • There is a one-week free trial available.
  • The monthly premium plan is $9.99.
  • $59.99 is the annual subscription fee.

8. mSpy


Call recording, remote monitoring, and GPS tracking are just a few of the many functions that mSpy, a multifunctional Android phone monitoring, does. Designed with personal and business needs in mind, mSpy gives users an effective solution for monitoring mobile device usage. 

mSpy allows for remote phone monitoring in addition to call recording. A wide variety of data is available to users, including browser history, social media activity, text messages, and more. 


  • Discretely performs background tasks
  • Data security using appropriate encryption
  • Users can read messages on a designated mobile device.


  • Its basic plan is for free.
  • Monthly subscription fees for the premium plan are $11.66 for an annual plan.

9. Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder is an effective tool for recording both incoming and outgoing voice calls. You can record calls on your Android mobile with this software. You can use this program to listen to the recordings of your phone calls and maintain a history of them.

This app is superior to its other competitors for several reasons. The first is that it is free; the second is that it is compatible with most Android device models.


  • Call recording starts automatically as soon as the feature is enabled.
  • Users can control storage choices and select file formats.
  • Playback built-in to recognize and hear recorded files
  • It is possible to export recordings to an external device.


  • It is free to use.

10. RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC Android Call Recorder

This communication tool lets users record and store their phone conversations. It has an easily accessible manual record button and handles both incoming and outgoing calls.

Like Automatic Call Recorder, RMC Android Call Recorder facilitates convenient phone conversation recording for various uses, including archiving and security. It provides a range of file management and customization capabilities and supports multiple audio formats.


  • Simple call recording that records both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Simple transfer to other devices and storage spaces
  • Post recordings on chat apps and social media.
  • WAV, 3GP, MP3, and MP4 files are supported.


  • You can use it for free. In-app purchases are available.


With this, we conclude our list of the 10 best call recording apps. Whether you are looking for the recording equivalent of James Bond, like mSpy, or some time-saving app, like Cube ACR, this list has got you covered. All these apps act as our phone friends, ensuring no critical detail or clever line is overlooked.

They act like our protectors in a world full of alerts and beeps, preserving our digital histories. There’s a fit for everyone; choose a carefree TapeACall app or an easygoing app like Easy Voice Recorder. Choose your phone companion carefully, and allow your calls to become the protagonists of your everyday exploits. After all, who wants to forget a great conversation or a humorous line? Cheers to the easy and enjoyable world of call recording applications!

Which is the best phone call recording app?

The best call-recording apps depend on your needs and personal preferences! However, here are some apps you can consider:

1. Free & Simple: Easy Voice Recorder, HD Auto Call Recorder 2022 – perfect for casual recording.

2. Feature-Packed: Call Recorder- Cube ACR, Automatic call recorder pro to manage recordings, organize contacts, etc.

3. Premium Security: TapeACall for encrypted recordings and cloud storage.

4. Multi-functional: mSpy is used for call recording and other monitoring features like GPS tracking.

What is the best secretly recorded app?

Using any app to record calls without consent is illegal in many places. Be ethical and transparent about recording! Because of mSpy’s extensive feature set, user-friendliness, and dependable performance, it is the finest solution overall.

How do I remove the call recording announcement?

Unfortunately, removing the announcement depends on your phone model and app. Check your app settings or the phone manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.

How can you tell if someone is secretly recording?

Listen for an announcement or beep at the beginning of the call. If you’re unsure, ask directly. Remember, open communication is the key!

Is there an app that automatically starts recording phone calls when you answer?

Many apps like Call Recorder- Cube ACR and Automatic Call Recorder Pro offer automatic recording as soon as the call starts.