8 Smartphone Mistakes That We Must Keep At Bay

From Granting App Permissions To Untrusted Downloads

The availability of smartphones has skyrocketed in the recent years and it is anticipated that there will be 7.33 Billion smartphone users by 2023. They have undeniably become an integral part of our lives today and our dependency on them has escalated to a great degree. From connecting with friends and family to networking with people globally on social media, people resort to smartphones for a range of activities. Nevertheless, there are certain facets attached to using a smartphone, that people must be aware of.

Installing Latest Firm & Security Updates

Installing Latest Firm & Security Updates
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Delay in installing the latest updates often hampers smooth functionality alongside compromising the device’s security since updates incorporate the latest security patch that safeguard the device from getting hacked and affected by malware.

App Permissions

App permissions are crucial but all of them are mandatory. Apps asking for unnecessary permissions like accessing your personal information or microphone or your camera can pose a threat to your security and is not advisable.

Using Unauthorised Charging Cables

Though majority of the phones use the USB Type-C charging ports, the technology used differs from device to device in order to facilitate optimal charging. Unauthorised charging cable are extremely harmful for the phone’s battery and can pose a threat to safety too.

Overnight Charging

Overnight Charging
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Leaving the phone to charge overnight is detrimental to the battery health. It diminishes the battery life and longevity.

Regular Backup

Backup is the simplest way of ensuring that all the data stored on the device, viz. photos, videos, information, etc. is secure despite the phone getting stolen or destroyed. Both Android and iOS devices have built-in automated backup options through iCloud and Google Drive.

Downloading Apps From Untrusted Sources

Downloading Apps From Untrusted Sources
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This only applies to Android devices because users cannot download programmes from third-party app stores or websites on Apple devices. Contrary to this, Android allows users to download and install APK files from any website or third-party application. This is very risky since it exposes the device to malware or spyware that can be harmful and collect sensitive information.

Using Public Wi-Fi      

The open nature of public Wi-Fi makes it extremely insecure as it can contain malware and spyware that can inject malicious items into your device.

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Leaving Bluetooth On All The Time

When not in use, leaving Bluetooth and NFC enabled leaves your phone open to hacking attempts and unauthorised access.

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