Spectacles 2 And 3 Smartglasses To Be Launched In India on 4th Of July: Know Price and Other Details

Snap Spectacles 2 & 3 To Be Launched In India
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  • Spectacles 2 and spectacles 3 to be launched in India on 4th July
  • Both smartglasses comes with HD video and photo capability
  • Spectacles 2 and Spectacles 3 smart glasses made their debut in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Snap, the parent company of the famous social media platform Snapchat, is finally going to launch its smartglasses called Spectacles 2 and Spectacles 3 in India in July. The smart glasses from Snap made their international debut in 2018 (spectacles 2) and 2019 (Spectacles 3) and will be available to be purchased in India through Flipkart.

The Spectacles allows the wearers to capture not only HD Photos but also HD videos through the sunglasses which have camera lenses fitted on each side of the frame. The wearer will be able to directly upload those videos and photos to their Snapchat account and publish the same via the smartphone connected to it.

The Spectacle 2 will come with a price tag of Rs. 14,999 in India and will rock in 3 colors ­– Onyx Eclipse, Ruby Sunset, and Sapphire Midnight.

Spectacle 3, on the other hand, will set you back a whopping Rs. 29,999 and will offer Carbon and Mineral color options.

Both the smartglasses will be available to purchase from Flipkart from the 4th of July.

Spectacles 2 Specifications And Features

The Spectacles 2 is capable of capturing HD photos and videos and is compatible with both Android and iOS. If you have Android 4.4 and above and iOS 10 and above you will be able to use the smartglasses.

The smartglasses wirelessly sync with Snapchat, which allows the users to customize photos with all the filters, animations, and more available on the application, before publishing. The glasses feature two camera lenses on each side of the frame which offer 105 degrees Field-Of-View (FOV).

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The smartglasses are also water-resistant.

The Spectacles 2 can capture up to 70 videos on a single charge. They also come with 4 GB internal storage which can store up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos.

Snap claims that the fully charged charging case can charge Spectacle 2 4 times. The rectangular case further carries a USB port for charging. There are dual-microphone array included in the glasses as well.

Connectivity options on the Spectacles 2 include Bluetooth v.4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi.

The Spectacles 2 weighs 45.4 grams which will not be as heavy as normal sunglasses weighs between 20-40 grams

Spectacles 3 Specifications And Features

The Spectacles 3 which was launched just last year will come with HD cameras that will have the ability to capture 3D photos and videos at 60 fps. They will house four built-in microphones for better audio quality than its predecessor (Spectacle 2).

The glasses are compatible with Android 6 and above or iOS 11 or later. The lenses on the smartglasses are tinted to provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. They also feature adjustable tips.

Similar to the Spectacles 2, the latest Snap smartglasses will be able to capture and sync up to 70 videos on a single charge. The company claims that the glasses can store up to 100 3D videos or 1,200 3D photos with its 4 GB internal storage.

Apart from this, Spectacles 3 will also offer GPS and GLONASS.

The charging case will be able to charge the glasses four times, the company adds.

The Spectacles 3 weigh 56.5 grams which will be felt on your face given it is 282.5% to 141.25% heavier than normal sunglass.

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