iPhone 12 Prices Revealed: Apple May Not Be Charging A Premium For 5G

iPhone 12s To Have 5G Capabilities But Apple May Not Charge Premium For It


iPhone 12 to be launched later this year
iPhone 12 prices revealed and good news that Apple may not be charging a premium for 5G

In a massive exclusive, the reliable Jon Presser from the Front Page Tech has revealed the pricing of the entire iPhone 12 line up from Apple for 2020 and it is going to take the centre stage.

Let us take a look at what has been revealed as of now:

  • iPhone 12 5.4 inches: OLED Screen and 5G Compatibility with Dual Cameras and priced at $ 649
  • iPhone 12 6.1 inches: OLED Screen and 5G Compatibility with Dual Cameras and priced at $ 749
  • iPhone 12 Pro inches: OLED Screen, 5G Compatibility with Triple Cameras and LiDAR priced at $ 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches: OLED Screen with 5G Compatibility with Triple Cameras and LiDAR priced at $ 1099

Let’s take a moment here and lets the prices sink it, they are really low this year. Though they do not differ much from the current iPhone 11 line up, however, given the fact that iPhone 12 will come with 5G compatibility Apple is not charging any premium for it by the look of the prices stated above.

To put things in to perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S20 came with 5G compatibility and due to this the company had to increase the price of the handset by 20% which is huge.

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Secondly, the price of the entry level iPhone 12 is at $ 649 which is $ 50 cheaper than entry level iPhone 11 priced at $ 699 currently. However, iPhone 12 is being introduced with 5.4 inch screen model. Also, there is an increase of $ 50 in the 6.1 inch version of the phone but they do not only have the new 5G tech but also OLED.

You may ask the downsides? Well there aren’t many. People speak of the remarkable LiDAR sensor from Apple which has the potential to virtually change the Augmented Reality (AR) applications and gaming over time, it was a smart move from Apple to not add it in the non-Pro models to save on the cost.

What’s icing on the cake is the fact that Prosser says the source of revealing these prices is the same who helped him confirm the iPhone SE launch date, so this makes them all the more promising given the fact most other major websites got the launch date wrong.

The goodies don’t end there, apart from the addition of OLED to all the models and a smaller notch along with 5G compatibility, the news flagships will come with all news A14 chipset which is being said to be on par with the likes of MacBook Pro in terms of performance.

The OLED panels are rumoured to have 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate.

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