Google To Add New Search Features To Provide More Realistic And Real-time Experiences For Users

Users Will Now Experience The Vibe Of A City With Realistic New Google Maps Updates


  • Google made the announcement not too long ago at an event that Google Maps would soon include additional image-heavy search result features
  • Users have the opportunity to view visual stories and brief videos contributed by other users to a place, along with ideas on activities to do there.
  • Users will soon be able to examine lifelike photos of neighborhoods and the interiors of restaurants thanks to a new function that will be rolled out as part of the upgrade.

According to recent statements made by Google, the corporation now has adequate information and technology to accurately anticipate the “vibes” of an area in search results. It went on to say that users would have the ability to zoom into a neighborhood as well as a restaurant in order to get an idea of what the atmosphere may be like there.

The most recent modifications arrive as the company works to encourage consumers to remain on its search results pages for longer periods of time instead of navigating away to visit other websites. As part of the process through which it is redesigning its search functions to include more than just text and photos, Google is incorporating maps data in this manner as well.

It is now offering more search result options, such as “pronunciation,” “historic background,” “beaches,” and “culture.” Google said on Wednesday that users would be able to view visual stories and short clips contributed by individuals who have been to the area, together with suggestions on how to discover the region and its core attractions.

According to the corporation, the functionalities blend artificial intelligence with the native information that Google Maps users provide. These users have made well over 20 million “contributions” to Google Maps, which include reviews, images, and videos. 

The use of photorealistic graphics represents a substantial advancement for Google’s maps offering. Due to the amount of effort that is put into creating these astonishingly accurate depictions, Google Maps Immersive View will initially only be accessible in a few places, notably San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and London.

Due to the beneficial effects that this functionality has on the surrounding ecosystem, Google has made the decision to make it available to third-party businesses that integrate Google Maps into their own products. This indicates that transportation and delivery services, which depend on Google Maps to offer instructions for their employees, will soon be able to access information about environmentally friendly routes as well.

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In the following months, it will become available worldwide for Android and iOS. However, it is now a possibility to upgrade the Maps app and look at a sample of 250 static aerial images that offer a flavor of what is to yet come. 

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