Elon Musk Planning To Charge Verified Users $20 Monthly Or Lose Blue Tick

New Twitter Owner Elon Musk Plans Verification To Be Charged $20 A Month


  • Twitter Blue is a paid membership that provides users with additional capabilities such as the ability to edit and undo tweets.
  • Elon Musk is proposing to make adjustments, one of which is that access to the Blue tick feature on Twitter may soon be restricted to subscribers of the Twitter Blue tier.
  • Verified Twitter users who don’t pay $20 a month will have their blue ticks removed, according to Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has issued the very first ultimatum to Twitter’s staff members since acquiring the company. They have until the deadline he set to implement paid verification on Twitter, or else they will have to start packing and leave.

The instruction is to transform Twitter Blue, the corporation’s optional $4.99 per month membership that offers more services, into a more costly membership that validates users in conjunction with granting access to other functions.

At this time, Twitter is aiming to set the price of the new Twitter Blue membership at $19.99 per month. According to the present idea, verified users would be granted a period of ninety days during which they may subscribe to avoid losing their blue checkmark.

On Sunday, it was communicated to personnel who are contributing to the initiative that they had until November 7 to introduce the new feature, failing which they would be terminated from their positions.

In the months leading up to his takeover, Musk made it quite known that he desired a complete overhaul of the way in which Twitter validates accounts and manages bots. Despite the fact that he has only been “Chief Twit” for a little over three days, musk has progressed rapidly to make modifications at Twitter, the first of which was to update the site for users who are not signed into their accounts. 

In addition, he is preparing mass layoffs directed at middle management and engineers who haven’t lately contributed to the code base. He is doing this with the assistance of Tesla engineers who he has recruited into Twitter as consultants.

It is anticipated that these layoffs will start this week, and management has already begun compiling lists of workers to eliminate. Since Musk assumed control of the company Thursday evening, the employees who have been entrusted with completing the projects he has envisioned have been operating throughout the night and during the weekend.

A little over a year ago, Twitter Blue was released to the general public as a method to browse ad-free content from certain publishers as well as make other adjustments to the program, such as changing the color of the icon that appears on the home screen. Advertising continued to contribute to a large number of Twitter’s revenues during the few financial quarters when it functioned as a public company following its initial public offering. Musk is very interested in expanding the company’s subscription business to the point where it accounts for 50% of the company’s total income.

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