Internxt Cloud Storage Review (2024): Should You Go For It?

Internxt Cloud Storage Review

In 2020, Internxt, a new cloud storage service, was introduced with a focus on privacy and security. Today, it is among the best cloud storage services for protecting your belongings.

This viable cloud storage solution does a great job of securing your digital data. Internxt is definitely worth a look, given its excellent security, easy-to-use interface, and advanced customer support. This article will delve deeper into its interface, features, pricing, security, and support to help you decide if it’s the ideal cloud storage for you.

Why Should You Opt For Internxt Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage services come with varying degrees of functionality and pricing that may make them suitable for personal and business use. Below are some reasons why one must opt for Internxt cloud storage:

  • Available on desktop, mobile, or tablet to help you conveniently access your files on any device.
  • Organize and see all of your files in one location and preview and move different sorts of files (such as music, films, and images).
  • It comes with automatic syncing capability, which ensures all your information is updated and saved regardless of the device you use.
  • Offers handy offline access to their files for no-network times.
  • Offers total security to business owners so they can upload and download their files
  • Use folders to arrange your files.
  • View your files as an icon grid or as a list.
  • Delete any files that you no longer require.
  • Share folders and data with other users.

Other cloud storage alternatives like pCloud offer the encryption feature only in higher subscription tiers. Internxt, however, prioritises user data security by encrypting every file uploaded to their platform irrespective of the subscription plan.

Though Internxt lacks third-party integration, it acts as an excellent alternative to Microsoft OneDrive by providing top-notch privacy, security and user control.

Safeguarding Your Backup Solution

With Internxt’s built-in backup option, you can store your Internxt files in a preferred location, set them to launch immediately upon machine startup and establish a recurring backup. However, if you are considering the Internxt’s basic free plan that offers 10GB of storage, then here is a catch:

  • Backups only occur once a day, making it less convenient if you misplace crucial work in between.
  • Certain directories, such as your programs, are not backed up.
  • Internxt stores only the most recent version of your files. This implies that you cannot roll back to a previous version in case you inadvertently make a mistake.

Helps to Preserve Your Privacy With Internxt

When it comes to prioritising security, Internxt has received a high 95% rating. They store your files in safe data centres after encrypting them using industry-standard techniques like 256-bit AES encryption. Furthermore, two-factor authentication fortifies your account’s security even further. 

They also distribute your data using a decentralised storage mechanism. This implies that your files remain safe even if someone manages to compromise one location. 

Is the Internxt Cloud Storage Worth The Purchase?

Internxt has recently simplified its pricing structure by discontinuing its business plans, with plans for a revamped version expected next year. Currently, they have three plan options that are differentiated primarily by storage capacity. Here’s a breakdown of Internxt’s pricing:

10GB Plan

   – Storage: 10GB

   – Cost: Free

200GB Plan

   – Storage: 200GB

   – Cost: $4.17 per month (billed annually at $49.99, saving 24%)

2TB Plan

   – Storage: 2TB

   – Cost: $8.31 per month (billed annually at $299 as a one-time payment, saving 24%)

Internxt’s monthly and annual plans offer less value in terms of storage per dollar compared to some competitors. For example, MEGA provides 20GB for free, making Internxt’s $4.17 per month for 200GB seem relatively expensive. However, the 2TB plan offers better value, priced similarly to other reputable providers like and pCloud.

Integrated file Sharing and Syncing


Despite the protected data, the upload procedure was quite quick, taking only 1 minute and 55 seconds to move a 650 MB audiobook folder to the Internxt folder on a PC using over a 70Mbps internet connection. Considering the encryption, this is amazing, and the speeds are at par with other cloud storage systems that do not encrypt information.


When removing an audiobook folder from the Internxt folder on the PC, the desktop software indicated that the files still used space in the cloud storage even after they were removed from the device. The good news is that Internxt’s online interface features a Trash folder. After a few simple steps, you can quickly recover the lost folder, and the download takes around ninety seconds to finish.

In the past, Internxt was extremely sluggish, particularly when uploading files, but they have always stood strong at protecting your belongings. Internxt has improved significantly over time and is now a lot faster! It may be worth a look if excellent security is your primary priority, but it may be a little too simple for power users who want a lot of functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cloud storage app safe?

Your files are automatically backed up via cloud storage, so a hard disk failure or computer breakdown won’t spell tragedy. Additionally, your data is kept off-site in safe locations, Moreover, cloud services continuously scan for security flaws.

What is the most secure cloud storage in the world?

pCloud was ranked as the best security choice for cloud storage in 2024. Similar to Internxt, it jumbles your data before uploading it (TLS/SSL encryption). Zero-knowledge encryption is available for a small additional fee, providing even greater protection.

Is cloud storage worth it?

Cloud storage offers numerous benefits, such as effortless file sharing, automated backups, and remote file access, making it a worthwhile investment. It can also be an affordable way to store a lot of data without requiring actual hardware.

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